‘Solar eclipse can help scientists understand moon’s topology’

‘Solar eclipse can help scientists understand moon’s topology’

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New Delhi: The first solar eclipse of the year can also be seen as a “ring of fire” seen in parts of India on Sunday, giving scientists Dr. Nehru Welfare Department Director Dr. According to N. Ratnashree, through pictures can help in understanding the topology of the Moon.
The rare celestial event, which coincides with the summer solstice, when the longest day is in the Northern Hemisphere, is an annular eclipse and it occurs in African countries Congo, Ethiopia and Yemen as well as Saudi Arabia, including other parts of the world. Appears in Oman, Pakistan and China.
“There are peaks and valleys of the moon. During the solar eclipse, as the edge of the moon is in front of the sun, its peaks and valleys are visible due to the strong rays of the sun. The sun can peek through the valleys of the moon but the sunlight is mountainous. The areas are unclear. This phenomenon is known as Bailey’s beads which are common in annular eclipses, “said Ratnashree.
He said, “Because of this the eclipse time is short and instead of the ring of fire being visible, we will see the defeat after the moon revolves away from the sun.”
The scientist also told about seeing the solar eclipse from different parts of the world. In Abu Dhabi, the eclipse was seen in its maximum phase and lasted less than 30 seconds.
As it is known that the Earth sees only one face of the Moon. But the Moon sometimes changes its momentum due to being in an elliptical orbit.
“During this period, the moon also appears on the top and bottom peaks, due to which the edge image of the moon in front of the sun is different in every eclipse, Dr. Ratnashree said,” With this event, the topology of the moon Images obtained from the earth can be known through the medium. ”
The first solar eclipse of this year occurred on the summer solstice, the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere.


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