special! Genelia D’Souza: “21 days of my COVID-19 was very tough alone in a separate flat” Hindi Movie News

special! Genelia D’Souza: “21 days of my COVID-19 was very tough alone in a separate flat” Hindi Movie News

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Genelia D’Souza revealed on Saturday evening that she tested positive for coronavirus three weeks ago, but is fine now. A few minutes ago the etimes got in touch with him.

Excerpts from the conversation:

How did all this start?

Well, we went to Latur. Someone in the house tested positive. So we all had to get our COVID-19 tested. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would test positive because I had absolutely no symptoms — no cough / fever / cold / nausea / breathlessness — really just nothing.

We did our tests in Latur and we were supposed to come back the same day. We decided to stick to our plan and it was on my trip that I received a call that I tested positive. Thankfully Ritesh and the children tested negative.

And then?

I did not go home I went straight to Lilavati Hospital, ready to be admitted. I was ready to deal with it. But when they checked and saw that I was completely asymptomatic and even my X-ray was clear- I was advised to calm myself at home.

Continue …

I chose to move to a different place, our other flat. I did not want to put anyone at risk. I was hoping that I could contract a fever or any other symptoms on the 3rd day. But there too, nothing happened.

What was it like to live in a separate flat?

That was the most challenging part. In my view, I think I should have isolated myself in a separate room in my house. It was very difficult to be alone, not even hearing the footsteps of anyone. It is terrible to be in an environment that is not completely for your routine and rest and just sit there doing almost nothing.

However, my friends made me happy by calling me every time. And let me tell you that the way Ritesh handled the children was remarkable. He was extremely worried but fired him. Ritesh is a wonderful husband and father.

Going from your Saturday post, it took you 3 weeks to test negative …

Yes, it took me three weeks. I did a test after 14 days, but that too came positive.

You had absolutely no symptoms, not even a slight fever?

I was feeling a little fever when I was coming back from Latur, but that too disappeared within a few hours.

It should be psychological after hearing that you tested positive …

I think yes.

Should TV be your main partner during isolation?

No, I am not a TV person. I do not consume much on TV. Only one hour on certain days.

And what about your food? How did you manage that?

Well, I can cook and I can never be stuck. I did not seek any external help. Whether it is cooking or cleaning.

How long did it take you to come out and talk about it?

I started to feel that there is too much information and misinformation on coronovirus in the public domain. Because of which I am finally speaking.

Parting shot?

It makes morale so painful to look around. And it is even more sad when I see that some people still consider COVID-19 as a stigma.


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