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special! Sunny Deol after 30 years of ‘Ghayal’: People did not think that I will pull this character Hindi Movie News

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Sunny Deol starrer Hayy Gaya ‘, which won the 36th Filmfare Awards, receiving the Best Actor and Best Director award among many others, completing 30 glorious years on 22 June this year. ‘Ghayal’ is actually not only an iconic film for Sunny, but one of the biggest hits of his career. On the occasion of the film’s anniversary, we caught Sunny Deol for an exclusive interview with ETimes. Sunny shared her memories of working on ‘The Wounded’, her thoughts about the film’s remake and how she dealt with the Corona epidemic. Excerpts…

Your film ‘Ghayal’ has completed 30 years and fans are celebrating it on social media, your views?

I feel very well and honored. When we made the film, we did not expect much from it. It is the people who raise it. Everything and everyone came together and it was created. If we knew that people would like it during the shooting of the film, we would be less afraid.

Is ‘injured’ relevant even after 30 years?
Most films of the 70s or 80s are very similar to the themes that are being done right now. It is just that those types of directors and writers have not come late otherwise we would have gone much further. I feel very lucky that we all made the film together. We did not know how good or how bad the film would be at that time. However, everyone put their talent into it and it turned out to be this beautiful film. This is the result of our honesty and a good script. For us, it was important that people liked it. If they like it, it will automatically be a box-office hit. The satisfaction we get is out of the world.

This film was not easy, I believe it changed for some time before it was made?

At that time Rajkumar Santoshi was assisting Govind Nihalani and he brought this script and told my secretary that he wanted to tell me something. After the narration, I fell in love with the subject and paid attention to it. He had not done any film yet at that time. If I like something, I go for it and don’t think about the consequences.

The producers, who came with him, left for some reason. I looked for other producers. I used to go to the people, ask the prince to give them a statement. I could not find anyone who was interested in this project. Then, I went to my dad and told him that I love the subject. I asked him to listen once. He loved the screenplay and pushed me forward.

Why do you think it was difficult to find a producer for ‘Wounded’?

People initially thought that I would not be able to draw such a character. People did not know Rajkumar and he was not sure how the film would be made. Even today, you cannot decide on a script by listening to it. You have to have that trust. I say fine for a project, if I believe in it. You will not always get success. Sometimes it is hard work and honesty that gives you the satisfaction that you gave your best.

We recently celebrated the birth anniversary of late veteran actor Amrish Puri. You have worked with him in many films. Your memories?

He was a gem of a person and an actor. I still miss him a lot. I still feel that I can go to her house and meet her. Sometimes it is very difficult to believe that a person is not. Amrish Puri and I shared a unique relationship. I had a lot of back problems then, so he used to come to my house. He was like a father to me who was always there for me.

We did many films together. While he played the role of a villain in some, he played the role of my father in some. We shared great chemistry on screen.

Have you ever planned a reunion for the entire cast of ‘Wounded’?

I am not in contact with the actors of the film. it is unfortunate. Everyone is busy with their lives and careers. It is like how you lose touch with your schoolmates. I am not someone who goes to parties and social gatherings. I have very little interaction with outside people. This is a great idea. Like we do in school, we should reunite here too.

If a remake of ‘Ghayal’ has ever been made, whose role would you like to play?
It is very difficult to say all this. It is difficult to see someone in a particular character. Even though I like many of my father’s films, the chemistry and bond that the actors and directors of the time had during the shooting of the film cannot be recreated. I think it should not be attempted. Even if someone wants to make it, one should not remake it, but rather adapt from the film and see what they can make out of it.

What is your son Karan Deol’s favorite ‘Deol’ movie?

It is difficult to say. My father does not know which movies I like. However, I think ‘Arjun’ is one of his favorite films.

How are you dealing with the epidemic?

I think everyone has accepted it and we have to take it as it is and deal with it. It has been good for him because I have started working a lot. This whole period, I have reinforced myself again. In fact, I am trying to make myself the way I was ‘injured’. Physically, I am trying to get there.


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