Sri Lankan bowlers told coach Mickey Arthur cricket news that saliva is not as effective

Sri Lankan bowlers told coach Mickey Arthur cricket news that saliva is not as effective

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Colombo (Sri Lanka): Sri Lankan fast bowlers who started training told coach Mickey Arthur that sweat is not as effective as saliva in flashing the ball and it makes the ball heavier.
“It was an interesting conversation for the bowlers, who said that the sweat made the ball a little heavier than the saliva. The saliva was their favorite system of flashing the ball. But now this is what you have to get now. This, “ESPNcricinfo quoted Arthur as saying.
The 13-man squad started a 12-day “residential training camp” on Monday, of which six are fast bowlers.
Arthur is part of the ICC Cricket Committee that recommended banning the use of saliva and using only sweat to shine the ball to prevent infection until the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Because I’m on [ICC] Cricket Committee, I know the debates and gossips that revolve around the recommendation to avoid the use of saliva on the ball – although you can use sweat on the ball because it has been proven that sweating is a real danger. Is not. The consensus at that committee meeting was: ‘Oh, well, if you can sweat, that’s fine. It’s almost the same ‘, “Arthur said.
Flashing the ball is a big thing for bowlers in trying to get some swing out of the match. As the game begins to speak in favor of the batsmen on each passing day, the bowlers will have to do everything possible to harass the batsmen.
Earlier, India’s fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah said he wanted the option of retaining the ball as the ban poses difficulties for bowlers.
Bumrah was talking to Ian Bishop and Sean Pollock in an ICC video series Inside Out Interview.
“I was not very kind of hug anyway! And there was not even a high-five person so I wouldn’t bother. The only thing that interests me is the saliva bit. I don’t know what directions we should take Let us. ’Bumrah said that when we come back, I have to opt for it.
“If the ball is not maintained well, then it is difficult for the bowlers. The field is getting smaller and shorter, the wickets are getting choppy and choppy. So we need bowlers to keep the ball.” Some options are needed. Some – maybe upside down in the end or traditional swing, “he said.
Cricketers attending training camp represent a general squad selected in all formats, and consist mainly of bowlers, as they require more time for ‘conditioning’ before going into active competition .
In central Colombo, 13 players and four support staff are essentially in their own bubble, moving from the hotel to the ground and vice versa. No one is allowed to leave the venue for personal reasons.
“Every morning when we go out of the room the temperature is taken every time. We are wearing masks all the time. It’s almost total isolation, because in the hotel we’ve got our own dining area, cleaned the gym during our time Goes in. Arthur said they clean the pool for our recovery session.


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