Stacey Abrams: Lawyer, voting rights activist who turned Georgia blue – World News

Stacey Abrams: Lawyer, voting rights activist who turned Georgia blue – World News

Stacey Abrams lost Republican Bryan Kemp to the electoral contest in 2018 by a narrow margin of 50,000 votes, which was caused by widespread allegations of voter suppression. In his campaign closing speech, Abrams announced the formation of Fair Fight Action, a grassroots organization to step up voter registration efforts and counter unfair voter suppression tactics, which Abram said caused damage to him .

In November last year, when Joe Biden flipped Georgia, a state that had not elected a Democrat president in more than two decades, the credit went to Stacey Abrams and many other women of color like her, who have since Abram been in their community. Are organized. A Minority Leader in the House of Representatives of Georgia. Although Abrams cannot be credited only for the record number of voter registrations during the years of political genocide, he has become the most popular face of the movement proposed by scores of black women. These women scored another stunning victory in the runoff of the Georgia Senate on Wednesday.

Lawyer, Voting Rights Activist

Stacey Abrams is a native of Mississippi, one of seven Confederate states like Georgia who fought against the United States in the Civil War, opposing the abolition of slavery. Abrams, who is a lawyer, Democrat politician, and a voting rights activist, was elected as a minority leader in Georgia’s lower chamber in 2011, and thus began work to strengthen the Democratic Party’s base in the state.

The most decisive moment in Abram’s political career was the infamous 2018 Gubrani race, where Brian Kemp, a staunch Trump aide who was serving as Georgia’s secretary of state at the time, disappointed more than 1.4 million voters between 2012 and 2018 In 2017 alone, some 700,000 voters were deactivated, with some done. Since then Abrams has repeatedly emphasized that Kemp’s term as secretary of state, whose office has access to voter registration data, has struggled with the campaign for governor, and corrected Kemp Has refused to accept as the winner.

Abram’s role in commissioning Georgia Blue

Joe Biden defeated Georgia by a margin of 0.24% of the votes in the state that voted Donald Trump in the last election. Abrams, along with women working with him in his grassroots campaign, has registered close to 800,000 voters from Latino, Black, and Asian communities, all minority groups, and has been able to successfully turn the registration into a vote.

Abrams told the New York Times that he left 150 of Georgia’s 159 counties ahead of the 2018 bid for governor, trying to figure out what the party needed to become more viable. Abram told the NYT, “But when I went to those places there was always someone there to meet me – who was waiting for someone to come in to contact and help them.” “So was it finding black voters in South Georgia, and working with black immigrants in Gwinnett, or working with Asian-Americans and the Pacific Islands community, or moving to North Georgia and Was meeting with more and more Latino voters, ”he said.

The network talked about Abrams which is a Democratic victory in a deep south state. Abrams and his grassroots organizers were not just able to encourage black voters, they also turned many college-educated suburban white women into Biden voters, even though they had traditionally voted for Republicans.

Abram’s commitment to counting every vote is reflected on his Twitter account. In the Georgia runoff race, Abrams not only encouraged people to show up to the polls, but he also educated and constantly reminded voters to check with the helpline to make sure their ballots were counted.

Abrams reportedly plans to run for governor in 2022. He is undoubtedly one of the most influential politicians in America who is not in office today. Donald Trump, in a recently leaked notorious phone call to the Secretary of State for Georgia, asked him to reverse the election results, saying “Stacey Abrams is laughing about you. She says, ‘ “These people are more ductile than a rock.”


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