Struggle to Struggle ICC: Strict Guidelines vs. Financial Losses | Cricket news

Struggle to Struggle ICC: Strict Guidelines vs. Financial Losses | Cricket news

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NEW DELHI: The International Cricket Council (ICC) did its job by announcing a detailed set of guidelines to resume the game in the Kovid-19 world. Safety of players and stakeholders has been given major importance. But the feasibility of those guidelines is being questioned which promotes a bio-safe environment for cricket.

The14-day separation prior to the series’ regulation could be in conflict with cricket’s attempt to make up for the financial loss. Each cricket board is wiping out its brain to squeeze in more and more games from the original FTP. There are even suggestions for staging games outside of FTP.

The equation is simple: more series to heal cricket’s economy, even if it comes at the cost of the T20 World Cup in October-November. Former India captain Rahul Dravid has expressed doubts over the rigidity of the rules.

“A lot will have to change in these rules. The England Cricket Board (ECB) has been talking about every level for every series (14 days before and after each series), it is a bit unrealistic, “Dravid, now director at the National Cricket Academy, said in a webinar. In.

“It’s going to be unrealistic for everyone all the time. With the kind of calendar we have for players, the kind of travel that is involved is almost impossible to do. We’re hoping that things will evolve and we’re a Will find a better way. ”

The ECB has lost the bulk of its season and is currently the only board other than India, losing money due to the epidemic. They are eager to fly to the West Indies and Pakistan later in the summer and get through the test series by creating a bio-bubble.

Dravid expressed his apprehension about the duration of the bio-safe bubble. “In the case of bio-bubble, you do all the tests and quarantines and then on the first day of the test, what if a player, for example, tests positive? what happens then?

Dravid said, “The rules, as they now stand, have everyone come to the Department of Public Health and see everyone in quarantine, leading to the end of the test, even if there are too many to create that safe environment Spent. ” .

It is still a struggle in the eyes of world cricket. Cricket’s coffins have been filled behind the Choke-a-Block calendar. The world body would not want to endanger the health of the players, the most important stakeholders of the game. Nevertheless, its effort may be in its own way to secure the financial health of the game. The ICC T20 World Cup may be the first casualty, but if a 14-day isolation regulation is in place, it will also disrupt the Lords ICC Test Championship final to be held next June. It is more likely to be moved to the latter half of 2021.

For now, the ICC can explore Dravid’s idea of ​​adding flexibility to its set of guidelines.


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