Students share stories about pollution levels in Punjab

Students share stories about pollution levels in Punjab

CHANDIGARH: To spread awareness about rising air pollution in Punjab and its effects on health, Let Me Breathe, a community forum which shared stories and documents on environment and sustainability and a recent Clean Air Punjab story Organized the workshop.

The first prize for the competition was won by 18-year-old student Akshay Singh, who received a video from his friends and family in Mohali about Punjab’s air pollution. The video had a fictional debut, covering the latest data points and featuring interview baits from mothers, seniors, farmers, students, doctors, tourists and others from various residents. The video highlights several issues such as sources of pollution such as industrialization and health effects on children.

As part of this workshop, Clean Air Punjab invited presentations in three categories, including reducing pollution sources, stories of people’s pollution, and Pind de clean air innovation.

It was reported that even though the World Air Quality Report ranks six of the world’s top 50 polluted cities in Punjab, the air pollution interaction in Punjab is often reduced to bus stub burning, ignoring other sources of pollution. The competition sought to capture these various sources of pollution and received more than 70 entries.

Meanwhile, Sahil Sharma, a student and participant of Clean Air Punjab, said, ‚ÄúThis competition was an opportunity for me to reduce air pollution in Punjab and share my thoughts. Storytelling boot camp was a great learning experience. I had many new techniques to learn that day to advance my stories. ”


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