Studies show that high end of normal blood platelet count may indicate cancer

Studies show that high end of normal blood platelet count may indicate cancer

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England: According to new University of Exeter research, blood platelet counts at the end of normal age indicate a higher risk of cancer in men 60 years of age or older and should be investigated.
Platelets perform an important function in the blood, including helping the blood clot, which helps us heal wounds. However, Exeter researchers have previously found that abnormally high blood platelet count (greater than 400 x 109 / l), a condition known as thrombocytosis, significantly increases the risk of cancer. Now, they have found that cancer cases have increased greatly in older men with platelet counts at the higher end of the normal range (326 to 400 x 109 / l), indicating that these patients should be screened for cancer. .
In a study funded by NIHR and published in the British Journal of General Practice, researchers reviewed the records of approximately 300,000 patients with platelet counts on high-end user data from the Clinical Practice Research datalink and the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service. They found that after one year the number of these patients for diagnosis of cancer was significantly higher if the platelet levels in the patients were slightly increased. Of the 68,181 male patients with blood platelet levels at the high end of normal, 1,869 cases of cancer were diagnosed within a year. Of these, 720 was an advanced stage. A high platelet count was most frequently associated with lung and colorectal cancer – both aggressive forms of cancer.
Dr. Exeter Medical School Senior Research Fellow who led the research. Sarah Bailey said: “After finding out that people with high blood platelet counts above the normal range are at high risk of cancer, we investigated the risk at the high end of normal. We found that men over the age of 60 Those with a higher platelet count are more likely to develop underlying cancer. Updated guidance for GPs to check for a higher platelet count can save people’s lives. This is particularly important in a post-cove. Era, clues to help identify first GP to target backlog in cancer detection and diagnosis ”
Professor Willie Hamilton of the University of Exeter Medical School said: “The UK lags far behind other developed countries in terms of early cancer diagnosis. Our findings on platelet count and cancer diagnosis may help to combat that gap. It is now Important. Check for cancer of thrombocytosis. It can save hundreds of lives.


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