Study | Pollution kills about 1.7 million people in India in 2019

According to a study, there were approximately 1.7 million premature deaths due to pollution in India in 2019, or 18% of all deaths were due to the human cost of the country’s toxic civilian air. ۔

According to a report published by The Lancet, pollution in India has led to an increase in diseases such as lung cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, neonatal disorders and respiratory diseases, resulting in millions of deaths. Has occurred.

Statistics show that pollution-related deaths in India are on the rise, rising from 1.24 million in 2017 to 1.67 million in 2019.

The Indian capital, Delhi, often becomes the most polluted city in the world during the winter, as the city is surrounded by thick smoke and toxic air particles, causing the World Health Organization to raise its level of health. 500% more. Although the problem re-emerges with increasing brutality every year, India’s central and state governments have failed to introduce effective pollution control.

According to a recent World Air Quality Report, six Indian cities are among the 10 most polluted in the world. As noted in one 2019 Lancet ArticlePollution has become India’s largest divider between rich and poor, allowing affluent Indians to eliminate air-polluting pollution in their cars and homes, while the poor, who often live in non-sealed homes. , Are victims of toxic air. And it affects long-term health.

Pollution in Delhi this year has been linked to an increase in Cove 19 and deaths scheduled for the winter months, the Indian Medical Association said in November, adding that 13 per cent of the city’s recent Cow 19 could be linked to air pollution.

This week’s Lancet report also outlines the economic cost of polluted air, and says that India’s combined GDP with the poorer and more populous states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar as a result of pollution deaths in 2019 The loss was .8 36.8 billion, or 3 1.36 billion. The worst

The report states, “The significant negative economic impact of air pollution and associated associated product losses could put a heavy burden of deaths and disease on India’s aspirations of a 5 n economy ton economy by 2024. ۔ “


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