Survey: Monday’s locks are still the same during lockdown

Survey: Monday’s locks are still the same during lockdown

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There was a time before the epidemic in our country when we postponed every Monday for some reason. But now that most of us are working from home, we got people to vote if the Monday Blues still feel the same during the lockdown. Not surprisingly, about 75% of people said they still struggle through every new Monday and the rest 25% did not think Mondays were bad for them.

Now you must be wondering why Monday blues are still the same or even worse when we are all in the comforts of our home. To explain the same, some mental health experts explained the Lockdown Monday conflict.

Here are some of the reasons that Mondays during lockdowns are also very difficult:

– Your brain remembers the old Monday routine and struggles to adapt: ​​You must agree to the fact that everyone’s schedule has gone out the window due to working from home. The lack of structure then contributes to higher anxiety levels.

– You are in a demonetization loop: People are used to their weekly routines and now their brains have to work less. It can also cause recession, which basically means that it is a struggle for many people to wake up every Monday and get up.

– Your brain is going through a grief cycle: There is a reason that you may feel like you are in a state of mourning for your pre-coronovirus life. Your changing feelings only reflect on the fact that you are going through a grief cycle. The grief cycle includes grief, trauma, anger, denial, depression, finding meaning and acceptance.

– You are worrying about finances: It has been a very difficult time for many, even professionally. Some of you don’t know what the coming week is for you. Especially with freelancers, they are always looking for work. This lockdown may worry your mind about money. It is natural for you to start thinking about financial uncertainty. Your mind is hardened to look after its existence. It can cause anxiety and conflict throughout the week starting on Monday.


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