Sweat not as effective as saliva: Sri Lankan bowlers convey cricket news to coach Arthur

Sweat not as effective as saliva: Sri Lankan bowlers convey cricket news to coach Arthur

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Colombo: Sri Lankan bowlers have told head coach Mickey Arthur that they prefer saliva with sweat to shine the ball after the lockdown after their first training session.
The ICC Cricket Committee, which is part of Arthur, recommended a ban on the use of saliva on the ball as an interim measure to counter the coronovirus threat.
For now, bowlers can only use sweat on the ball. Sri Lankan cricketers returned to training earlier this week and will remain in a highly protected environment during the 12-day camp.
“It was an interesting conversation for the bowlers, who said that the sweat made the ball a little heavier than the saliva. The saliva was their favorite mechanism of flashing the ball. But that’s what it is now, you just have to turn it . This, “Arthur told ESPNcricinfo.

“Because I (ICC) at the cricket committee, I know the debates and chats that went around the recommendation to avoid using saliva on the ball – although you can use sweat on the ball as it proved Not sweating is a real danger.
“The consensus in that committee meeting was: ‘Oh, well, if you can put on sweat, that’s fine. It’s almost the same.”
Following the decision of the Anil Kumble-led cricket committee, calls have been rising for saliva substitutes of former and current cricketers including former India fast bowler Jaspreet Bumrah.
The committee did not fix the use of synthetic materials despite discussing it. Arthur explained why they did not proceed with the use of artificial substances, which effectively means ball tampering.
“At last year’s meeting, we actually recommended stricter penalties for mints or any illegal substance on the ball, and it’s amazing that after a year we’re discussing whether they can use artificial substances . It was almost a contradiction. ”
“The topic of the meeting during that discussion was around the fact that even though it has increased the batsmen’s game a little bit, we just had to get cricket. The focus was happening without making cricket more complicated. ”
Arthur said that artificial materials would be allowed in long-term confusing cases.
“If we allowed them to apply an artificial substance, for example, and Kovid would go in 18 months time or whenever, we say: ‘You can’t use a prosthetic on the ball again?’ ”
Arthur said, “We’ve confused everything. There are other ways of competition for bowlers in the evening – leaving extra grass on the pitch”.


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