T20 World Cup: Paving the way for ICC elections, 2021 T20 World Cup ‘likely to stay in India’ | Cricket news

T20 World Cup: Paving the way for ICC elections, 2021 T20 World Cup ‘likely to stay in India’ | Cricket news

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Mumbai: The International Cricket Council (ICC) member boards came through a 2/3 majority on Tuesday to come to a clearer understanding that the current chairman Shashank Manohar will not be allowed the extension of the chair. There is general consensus that elections should be, as soon as possible, the way forward, for which the way is cleared.

He said, “The road to elections is clear. The decision will be confirmed at the 28th board meeting (Thursday). Papers to this effect are to be taken out tomorrow (Wednesday).

Top administrators in Indian cricket were on call throughout the day, “coordinating” with the board of directors to create charts of the process. In fact, the BCCI took the lead from the front and said that Manohar should not be given an extension and elections should be held as soon as possible.

In fact, the BCCI voted in favor of such a decision, particularly supported by a young administrator who is certain to play an important role in the global machinery of the game as things move forward.

“These are serious times for cricket around the world. As we know, the game is suffering in general and cricket – in many parts of the world – has been the weakest on the financial front. There is a leadership void in the context of individuals who can work for the financial well-being of the organization. This is the time to determine the right time, “well-placed sources said after the event,”: otherwise, many cricketing ecosystems will simply be destroyed “.

As the ICC prepares to work on a new administrative blueprint, so does the focus on many boards, which will stand on the verge of bankruptcy if they resume soon. It added that the BCCI is once again being seen as a natural leader, having been given resources at its disposal. Thus, India will be here in India to do something like this and we all believe that the BCCI has the capable working hands to do so, ”said a board director, clearly with the leadership of India once again Align with

T20WC likely to be in India next year

Meanwhile, a preliminary decision has also come that the 2021 edition of the T20 World Cup will be held in India. After being reported last week by TOI that the ICC is postponing the T20 World Cup in consultation with Cricket Australia (CA) and is preoccupied about putting the version, at the ICC’s Tuesday Chief Executive meeting It was concluded that Australia would most likely contest the tournament in 2022.

“Broadcasters want the 2021 edition to be held in India. With no live cricket this year, the revenue cycles of the game have taken a huge hit. The principle of ICC comes from revenue transmission rights. There is no way that the governing body can ignore its principle partners, ”the sources said, tracking the developments.

In line with sentiment, India will “most likely” host the 2021 edition of the tournament, while Cricket Australia will host in 2022, most likely in the October-November window.

The tournament cannot be held in February-March. Neither in 2021 nor 2022. There should be an October-November window for this. The ICC’s Financial and Commercial Affairs Committee (FMCA) was also debated in a meeting a few days ago, where most members were opposed to the idea of ​​hosting the T20 World Cup in February-March.

The FMCA is headed by Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) President Ehsan Mani, whose primary job is to protect the interests of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) – which is held in the months of February – March. “As the chairman of the committee (FMCA) and the chairman of a board (PCB) who have to run a T20 league (PSL) in their country, it is a practical call they had to take and it is not wrong because This is plain business. Even more worrying is that in the past, India’s supporters, who held high positions in the ICC, failed to protect the interests of their own country. Why? Because of one vote? ” Says those tracking events.

An intense sense of business, not politics, is what drives the administration of cricket. Somewhere the ability of a person to cast a “vote” may be the biggest determining factor of the global cricket administration so far, but from here on, what is going to be more important is the administration about the business of sports. Understanding of and how to make it. Grow and stabilize.

“In the past, we had administrators who were capable of both. Don’t forget Jagmohan Dalmiya is the one who has taught India and the world how to make cricket rich. Today’s administrators who are trying to survive on a lone vote to carry their agenda will never get there. ”


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