T20 World Cup to be held in New Zealand, Dean Jones suggests | Cricket news

T20 World Cup to be held in New Zealand, Dean Jones suggests | Cricket news

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Sydney: Cricketer-to-commentator Dean Jones believes the T20 World Cup, currently to be held later in Australia, may be staged in New Zealand as the country controls the COVID-19 pandemic And is gradually moving towards normalcy. .
New Zealand has not reported any new cases of coronavirus in the last 12 days and currently has only one active case.
The New Zealand Cabinet will on Monday assess whether the country is ready to bring its alert system down to level 1, which will raise limits on the mass celebrations that were imposed to prevent the spread of novel coronoviruses that have spread over 3.75 million lives. Has claimed The world so far.
New Zealand may go to alert level 1 next week, but it depends on the case number being very low – “if, and only if, there are no more unexpected cases in the coming days”, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said According to said stuff .nz.
He said that Jacinda Ardern said NZ could come to a level of vigilance next week, which means that all social security measures and restrictions on mass celebrations would be lifted. They said maybe T20 wc play there?

The T20 World Cup is scheduled to be held in Australia from 18 October to 15 November, but the tournament has been shaken by uncertainty in the cricket calendar due to the widespread pause caused by the coronovirus epidemic. .
The International Cricket Council (ICC) is likely to decide on the tournament in its next board meeting to be held on 10 June.
Jones has already ruled out the possibility of the T20 World Cup to be held in Australia this year.
“The T20 World Cup is not going to happen this year for a lot of reasons,” Jones said on Sportscreen’s YouTube page.
If this year’s T20 World Cup gets postponed, it will open a window for the BCCI to host the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League, which is currently postponed. In fact, it is believed that the roadmap for the same is already in the plan.


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