Taiwan’s Eva Air Sack Pilot Blamed for Rare Local Kovid-19 Case – World News

Taiwan’s Eva Air Sack Pilot Blamed for Rare Local Kovid-19 Case – World News

Taiwan’s Eva Airways Corp on Wednesday sacked a New Zealand pilot who has been indicted by the government for the island’s first locally dispatched case of Kovid-19 since April 12 because of its disease prevention regulations Has failed to comply.

Taiwan has kept controls under control thanks to early and effective prevention methods and widespread use of masks among travelers arriving on the island for more than the past 250 days with all new cases.

But the government was shocked on Tuesday by the announcement of a domestic infection of a woman, a friend of a New Zealand pilot confirmed to have been infected with routes to the United States earlier this week.

The case has aroused people’s anger, after calling the pilot of a Taiwanese television station a “public enemy”, the government said it had not reported all its contacts and those locations, nor did the face mask in the cockpit Worn when he needed it.

Eva Air said that at a meeting of its disciplinary committee it was found that the pilot had violated government regulations, including the Communicable Disease Transmission Act, and had decided to end it immediately.

“Eva Air has always followed the government’s epidemic prevention policies, and most crew members have followed epidemic prevention regulations,” it said.

“However, the behavior of an individual employee has reduced everyone’s efforts in epidemic prevention.”

Eva Air, like most airlines, has a very short operating time due to border restrictions globally.

Neither the airline nor the government has named the pilot, who is undergoing treatment at the hospital. It was not possible to reach him for comment.

Health Minister Chen Shih-chung said earlier on Wednesday, the woman’s 170 contacts tested negative for the virus, while three others are awaiting the results.

Taiwan has reported a total of 777 cases – mostly imported – and seven deaths. About 130 people are in the hospital for treatment.


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