Taking recourse to ‘cheap deviation’, BJP should answer questions raised by Rahul on border issue: Congress | India news

Taking recourse to ‘cheap deviation’, BJP should answer questions raised by Rahul on border issue: Congress | India news

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Pawan Khera (File photo)

NEW DELHI: The Congress On Monday, the BJP accused it of resorting to “headlines and stunts” during the Indo-China border crisis when the ruling party attacked Rahul Gandhi Not to attend the meetings of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defense.
The opposition party also said that BJP Government Spent its energy in fighting China and supporting the armed forces, it would not have to “lie” and “mislead” the country on the Chinese transition to the border.
The Congress retaliated after BJP chief JP Nadda took a sarcasm at Rahul Gandhi, who is firing salvaging daily at the Modi government over border stand-up.
Nadda had said that Rahul Gandhi does not attend a single meeting of the Standing Committee on Defense, but continues to question the morale of the nation and the valor of the armed forces.
Congress chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala Taking a dig at Nadda, he said that his “lewd comments” were presenting him as a “cheap version of malicious BJP spokespersons”.
He said, “BJP and Modi government spent their energy fighting China and supporting our armed forces, you will not need to lie on Twitter to mislead the nation.”
Congress spokesman Pawan Khera Said that the government has not called any meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Defense for the last three months due to tension in the border in Ladakh.
He claimed that the BJP was “fiery” as its “flamboyant” and “person-centric” foreign policy had failed and was resorting to a “cheap reversal strategy”.
“Why resort to such cheap disruptions. China is infiltrating Indian territory at 6-7 points in Ladakh and the Prime Minister is giving a clean chit to China saying ‘no intrusion and nobody Has not occupied land or post. ” ‘,” he said.
Accusing the BJP of resorting to headline management, the Congress leader said that it does not work beyond a point.
“These are cheap stunts to manage headlines. Instead of answering questions asked by Rahul Gandhi, whether it is on coronavirus, foreign policy, economy or border deadlock, AAP (BJP) responded by attacking the questioner Is, “said.
On the BJP government targeting China and not asking Rahul Gandhi, Khera said, “China will not back down from attacking Rahul Gandhi, so attack China.”
Khera said that the government should answer responsibly and answer the questions that come before it.
“Your foreign policy has fallen prey to event management. Governments do not follow headlines management. How long can you do this?”
He alleged that the government has a habit of attacking tough questions, be it on the economy, the spread of the virus, migrant laborers, foreign policy or the border.
“How long will you be able to distract attention,” he asked.
Surjewala posed several questions to the BJP chief.
“Are 11,000 CR of 15 lakh members of our armed forces and 26 lakh military pensioners (from 1/1/2020 to 30/6/2021) being cut” Modi government’s way of encouragement or Machiavellian hit job? “He tweeted
“Was the Parliament’s Estimates Committee under the chairmanship of former BJP President, Mr. MM Joshi, submitted a report stating that defense expenditure was ‘the lowest in 56 years since 1962? Is this the way of the Modi government?’ Is it to increase the morale of our armed forces? ”
He asked if the Modi government listened to the Standing Committee on Defense headed by General BC Khanduri, stating that “68 percent of our equipment is outdated” and there are insufficient resources to ‘build strategic roads along the China border’ . ”
Surjewala also asked whether the panel said that despite the PMO’s intervention on the allocation of an adequate defense budget, “the PMO opted not to take action”.
“Is this the PM’s concern for defense preparedness,” he asked.
He also asked why the Modi government has created the creation of the 90,000-strong “Mountain Strike Corps” as a counter-action on our borders of China.
“Why did you refuse to let our armed forces take this tactical fire power over the Chinese forces,” he asked.
Alleging that China committed 2,264 crimes in Indian territory since 2015 under the Modi government, he asked “why the BJP government did not take action on this pre-determined Chinese design”.
Taking a dig at Rahul Gandhi, Nadda said that he “belongs to the illustrious dynastic tradition as far as defense is concerned, committees don’t matter, only commissions.”


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