Tear gas, arrest as Kenen opposes police brutality

Tear gas, arrest as Kenen opposes police brutality

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Kenyan protesters protesting on July 7 (today’s photo | AP)

Nairobi: Kenyan Police Fired on tuesday tear gas And sought to end scores of protesters police brutality.
About 100 people attended Demonstrations Nairobi, across the capital. Many Kenyans have been angered by a fresh wave of alleged police abuses while implementing coronovirus restrictions.
“We are not armed and we wanted to take our petition very peacefully, but as you can see they are very armed, they have arrested some of us and they have injured some of us , ”Said defender David Oluach.
Human rights activists say at least 22 people, including a 13-year-old boy, have been killed by authorities enforcing the restrictions.
But activists say that there is no basis for the wider public against In KenyaOne of Africa’s largest economies, which has been seen on police misconduct in other parts of the world.
For two decades Kenya’s police force has been ranked as the country’s most corrupt institution. It is also the deadliest according to human rights groups.
“We won’t stand up for her anymore,” said Emilia Hopkins Phillips. “We are going to stand up and protest peacefully until the message is found. ‘


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