Ten dead whales found on Indonesian beach, rescued by locals

Ten dead whales found on Indonesian beach, rescued by locals

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Kappan / Indonesia: Ten whales were found dead on a beach in Indonesia on Thursday, officials said, with images showing locals rushing to push a surviving member of the pod back into the sea.
Marine mammals of 2–6 m (6.5–20 ft) length were found in the remote province of eastern Nusa Tenggara, Ikram Sangadji, the head of the region’s water conservation agency, told AFP.
The footage showed a group of about 10 men struggling to get the eleventh member of the pav across the baking sands and back into the sea.
They eventually managed to get the creature – which was surrounded by deep cuts – into the water, and it appeared to be floating by itself, loudly cheering the group.
Sangadji said that the authorities had concluded that the plucked pod was a small pilot whale.
Short-winged pilots are highly social and are often involved in large-scale stranding, although scientists are still unclear why.
Sangadji said the residents helped dig up the tomb to bury the carcasses of ten dead whales, which were razed due to cuts caused by organisms exposed to sharp rocks.
Cross-current across the beaches poses a threat to whales as they may become trapped between reefs close to the coast.
Last week, a giant 23-meter blue whale swept near a beach near Kupung, the capital of eastern Nusa Tenggara.
Last October, seven pilot whales were found dead near Kupang.


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