Thanks America’s coronavirus response – can make or break world news

Thanks America’s coronavirus response – can make or break world news

In Pennsylvania, if you are growing up with friends, you should wear a mask – and so do your friends. This is the rule, but Barbest Chestnut has no intention of following it.

“No one is going to tell me what I can or can’t do in my house,” said Chestnut, 60, of Shipsburg. “They don’t pay my bills and they’re not going to tell me what to do.”

Governors and mayors grapple with an epidemic control, loosening mask mandates and banning small indoor ceremonies, which have been blamed for accelerating the spread of coronoviruses. But when such measures carry the weight of the law, they are practically inaccessible, and officials are banking on voluntary compliance instead.

Good luck with that

While many are undoubtedly defying public health advice – reducing thanksgiving plans, to avoid gate-hijackers, wearing masks when they’re around people who don’t live with them – it’s inevitable that the population A clause of will blow new state and local restrictions. And socialization anyway. Experts say that over-pressurized hospitals may put more stress and a large increase in sickness and death during the holidays.

“When it started in early March, we were not looking at Thanksgiving and Christmas, and we did not have a storehouse of disease. And, for me, the next few weeks are of greatest concern, ”said Dr. David Rubin, Director of PolicyLab at Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia. He called the risk of a Thanksgiving spike “extremely high”.

“I think you’re seeing a lot of resistance here,” Rubin said. “I cannot speculate on what people are going to do, but I can say that to the extent that there is no collective buying, it blunts the effect of the measures themselves.”

According to Johns Hopkins University, the nation averages 172,000 new virus cases per day, nearly double since the end of October. The rate of hospitalization, death and test positivity is also increasing rapidly, thanks to the nation.

In response, elected officials are implementing sanctions that, with few exceptions, fall into broad-based stay-at-home orders and business shutdowns seen in the spring.

Utah and Vermont have banned all social celebrations. Therefore there are local governments in Philadelphia and Dane County, Wisconsin. In Kentucky, no more than eight people from two homes are allowed to come together; In Oregon, the limit of the assembly is six. California has imposed an overnight curfew. More states require masks, including those with GOP governors who have long opposed them. The nation’s top health officials are pleading with Americans to avoid the thanksgiving trip.

There is some evidence that the holiday will be quiet.

Tamika Hickson, who co-owns a party rental business in Philadelphia, said that Thanksgiving was a bustle before her city banned any-size indoor celebrations.

“Somebody’s calling,” Hickson said. “A lot of people have lost a lot of loved ones, so they are not playing with it. And I don’t blame them. “

AAA Projects Thanksgiving travel will fall by at least 10%, the biggest drop in a year since the Great Recession in 2008. But still means millions on the road. On social media, people talk consciously about their Thanksgiving plans, arguing that nothing will stop them from seeing friends and family.

According to the Transportation Security Administration, more than 1 million people chose US airports on Sunday – the highest number since the onset of the epidemic.

Including Pittsburgh, Health Director of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, Drs. Debra Bogan said that many people are ignoring public health guidance and the result is uncontrolled spread of the virus.

“For the past few weeks, I have asked people to follow the rules, follow ceremonies and parties, stay home and wear masks, leaving behind essential things. I am asking, ”Bogen said at a press conference, his frustration evident. He said that if people did not comply, he said that it would be advisable to stay in a house.

Some people are reducing the risk to themselves and their friends and families, said Baruch Fischhoff, a Canagie Mellon University psychologist, who has written about COVID-19 risk analysis and communication. Others suspect what the health officials are telling them about the virus. And still others are irresponsible.

Fischhoff stated that the lack of a united national epidemic strategy; Patchwork and arbitrary restrictions at the state and local levels; And ineffective, political and contradictory public health messages have seeded confusion and mistrust.

“It has been a very sad, tragic failure of leadership from the beginning that we did not find the common ground in which we were working to protect the weakest among us. And once you lose that coordination, you are flirting to get it back and this is the sad mess we are making right now, ”he said.

In New York County, Pennsylvania, 51-year-old retail worker Corey Jess tested positive for the virus last week. For a long time in a masked tangle, her personal experience with COVID-19 has changed her opinion – to a point. He said it is appropriate to wear a mask when there is a war under the circumstances, but he still does not like the government’s views.

“I’m so torn,” Jess said. “I like that people are fighting for their freedom, but I understand why people are wearing masks.”

In New York, some sheriffs say they have no intention of enforcing the Democratic village. Andrew Cuomo has recently stopped private gatherings of more than 10 people.

“There is no need to hide cars and run around during your attempts to gather with the family. Madison County Sheriff Todd Hood said in a Facebook post, “We are not going to exhaust our limited resources on getting search warrants and counting the turkey eaters in our house.” He encouraged people in the rural area at large to use common sense to protect themselves.

Kim Collins is among those planning a slim-down Thanksgiving. In a typical year, Collins would have more than 20 people at his home in South Orange, New Jersey. This year, her extended family is being housed. “My husband has spent a hard time with the fact that his mother, who is on her own, won’t be here,” she said.

But Collins was not optimistic that others would be so careful. She said that a lot of people are going through “mental gymnastics” to justify their vacation recipients. “I think many people are not great in the honor system,” she said.


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