The Army’s CCC expresses full solidarity with the stable Kashmiri brothers

The Army’s CCC expresses full solidarity with the stable Kashmiri brothers

The Corps Commanders Conference (CCC), chaired by the Chief of Army Staff (COS), was held at the GHQ on Tuesday in which participants took a comprehensive look at the regional and domestic security environment, including the situation along the borders. Special attention was paid to internal security and other professional matters. Army.

“On the occasion of Right to Self-Determination Day, the Forum expressed full solidarity with the flexible and brave Kashmiri brothers until their aspirations and the fulfillment of their just cause in accordance with the relevant resolutions of the UN Security Council What

The media wing of the Pakistan Armed Forces said, “Decades of atrocities by Indian professional forces have failed to suppress the ongoing struggle for independence. The determined Kashmiris will succeed, God willing,” the forum reiterated. He expressed satisfaction over the positive progress in the peace process and the efforts being made for regional peace and stability.

“Highlighting the current security environment, the Forum notes that the defeat of the full threat spectrum is possible only through a comprehensive national effort, where all sections of society play their due role,” the ISPR said. Discussed the current security situation with the LOC, Working Boundary and Eastern Border.

The COS stressed that training and professional follow-up should be our primary focus in enhancing operational readiness and thwarting any possible mismanagement. To meet all the challenges together with other elements of national strength, the Forum is essential to maintaining remarkable and high standards of competence at all levels.

The ISPR statement said that the forum expressed its deep respect and appreciation to all those who are risking their lives against COVID-19.

Participants paid special tribute to all the martyrs and their families for the tremendous sacrifices made for the recent events in a peaceful and secure Pakistan, especially in Balochistan.

Their sacrifices will not be in vain. The army’s media wing says terrorists and their captors will be defeated at all costs.


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