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M.Search a cursory web for the term Tantra and you will come across thousands of results which include “Tips on Practicing Tantric Sex”, “The Art of Dental Massage” and Choiceist “Tantric Sex Positions” List you and your partner “. You may be forgiven for thinking that you have gone astray in the X-rated section of the Internet.

Yet Tanatra is a spiritual philosophy that originated in the Indian subcontinent and dates back to at least the 8th century AD. Tantra has found its way in everything from Hinduism and Buddhism to Western pop culture. With a focus on the worship of irrational and non-caste Hindu goddesses like Kali and Channamasta, the Tantric faith sees the world as a divine feminine energy – “power” – if we want to transcend, we must reach ۔ Reaching enlightened freedom from the cycle of our own ego and reincarnation. To gain access to this energy, some Tantric practitioners believe in performing sexual rituals, as well as covering their bodies in fennel ashes, drinking blood and fighting their own rebellions by wearing aprons made of human bones. Do

The ancient heritage of Tantra and the openness of its interpretation have been the focus of attention of Westerners throughout history. In the 18th century, it was seen by British colonialists as a formidable “black magic” and was used by Bengali revolutionaries as a result of its contradictory abilities, while 19th-century magicians such as Pierre Bernard To create a new form of American mysticism, yoga thwarted his sexual practice of yoga.

Inspired by the Black language… Rolling Stone logo.
Inspired by the Black language… Rolling Stone logo. Photo: Dave J. Hogan / Getty Images

In the 20th century, it reached its peak as the free love movement in the 1960s made Tantra a symbol of their growing hippie lifestyle due to its bright visual identity and solid radical reaction to conservative conservatism. Soon, John and Alice Coulter were mentioning the talents in their free jazz, the Beatles. Living in an Indian Ashram, Rolling Stones designed the logo with the spreading language of Kelly, and Aldous Huxley was likening his LSD experiments to a state of transcendence. Tantra – and its misunderstandings were everywhere.

“It’s not all about sex and rock enrollment,” says Gavin Selab, a professor of Hindu studies and comparative religion at Oxford University. “Tantra is about gaining freedom and strength through meditation. It is a fork to remove the fork, using the desire to speed up the rules of purification and remove the desire. It is not Kama Sutra, which presents happiness as its end. Instead, Tantra uses desire as one of many tools. Flood argues that, in fact, when it comes to finding ways to awaken the body’s energy points, or chakras, Tantra goes beyond sexual activity.

“The West has focused on the sexual dimension of Tantra and it has become commercial and domestic.” “Tantra is no longer shocking, as sex outside of marriage is now commonplace. So we have forgotten how much Tantra is interested in fighting the vow of fear and happiness. He says that Tantric rituals – the consumption of blood and animal urine, the public display of human remains such as cups of skulls – are a way of confronting the material realities of life so that they can eventually be overcome. “Tantra is about intimidating Orthodox traditions,” he said, noting that Tantric massage is by no means a serious matter.

Are we close? … Tantric sex.
Are we close? … Tantric sex. Photographer: BDSP otter Marsinsky / Rex / Shutterstock

Is the subject of Tantra A new exhibition at the British Museum In London, curator Emma Ramos hopes to “challenge this stereotype and how visitors will be influenced by the history of Tantra and the masterpieces of visual culture. It was a revolutionary philosophy that allowed the world to experience.” In order to create a new way of worship, women have been pushed beyond the boundaries of worship, class and caste. Although the cartoon welfare industry has recently gained a sense of tantra and has been cleansed, Its rebellion against gender and politics is ripe for rethinking, and it still has anti-establishment ethics.

Proud of having the largest collection of Tantric artifacts in the world, the show features proportional blocks of medieval texts and extensive stone statues of terrifying goddesses, as well as images of gods dancing to the Tantric court heritage. ۔ On their own corpses, homeless gods paired with pollution, and red-tongued multi-legged figures, who acted like the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan.

The depiction of the 18th century Antivolonial Tantric also provides a powerful justification for the fact that the majority of these fragments may have been obtained as a direct result of British rule in India. The final chamber of Tantra’s 20th-century heritage, meanwhile, shows how post-independence artists combined abstract expressions such as Rasool Santosh and Barin D with Indian visual identity in body trench paintings. There was a longing for an authentic foreword.

Housewives with Stack Knox, painted by British Indian artist Sotpa Biswas in 1986, is a vast work that makes the last wall of the show proud. It depicts Ali as a modern-day Indian woman in the guise of a woman, wearing a white dictatorial patron’s head around her neck and a threatening blade. It has become a symbol of Tantra’s ability to distort gender norms and racial stereotypes.

“When it was done, it was a real race of racists. It intensified when it was at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London,” said Biswas. Unfamiliar with the imagery, she is threatened, while many women see the character as fierce but as a friend. Kali is a complex icon, creative and destructive. I have always been a Tantric for this vicious reason. I was attracted to the goddesses. At the time of doing this in the 80’s, the depiction of South Asian women in the British context was like these soft and silent equations. So we had to celebrate Kali’s formulation just like us. ۔

Insights; and Useful Sleep in All Conditions, 2008, Written by Bharti Bhair
Insights; and Useful Sleep in All Conditions, 2008, Written by Bharti Bhair Photography: Stephen Altenberger Photography, Zurich / Indian Kher, courtesy of the artist and Husserl & Worth

Biswas believes that his portrayal of Kali as an ideological figure of “Mother India”. “Painting in a British museum has been my dream,” he said. Since you have to engage with this painting, you have to relate to the history of the British colonies. He really is a force to be reckoned with.

In front of the armed housewife and all over the Benevent Sleep, is a 2008 statue of the heavy Kher, depicting the goddess Chenamasta, who committed suicide under the guise of a bronze bronze of one of Kher’s friends. He is holding a dental tape-up in one hand and a wooden skull in the other, as if a copper wire is coming out of his severed neck. This work is a bizarre expression of both the power of the goddess and the flow of gender, she has done with the presence of teaching the British colonial heritage, as well as her own life due to her disconnection. To own

“I have always been attracted to tantra as an expression of haraam,” says Kher. “It shows self-sacrifice and creation, which awakens our powerful inner energies. Rarely does it express this. Tantra celebrates difference as what describes us as human beings, so it is important to remember this.

Due to the current Hindu nationalism of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the inter-religious and comprehensive morality of Tantra seems more relevant than ever. “Tantra has always had a contradictory, rebellious taste that has linked it to different positions,” says Rommos. “The fact is that it transcends boundaries and ideas so easily that it means it will survive. And hopefully there will be a way to better understand yourself and this world.”

Tantra is clearly a permanent and fascinating ancient philosophy. From medieval images, to the worship of a goddess to give Shab-e-Qadr energy to wealthy patrons who have been working against the strict caste system in Hinduism and the calendar of religions of spiritual worship, Tantra now Found thin and distorted, which includes massage, yoga, sex practice and new age belief

“Ultimately, understanding any kind of sexual tantra is like listening to the sound of the radio to understand classical music. It’s a philosophy that has been around for thousands of years,” says Kher. There is a powerful visual heritage that transcends anything in the pantheon of Western or Asian imagery, the fabric of life.

Tantra: The Enlightenment Revolution is at the British Museum, London, from September 24 to January 24.


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