The Balochistan government presents an annual budget of Rs 5,584 billion

The Balochistan government presents an annual budget of Rs 5,584 billion

Balochistan Finance Minister Mir Zahoor Ahmad Baledi presented a provincial budget of Rs 555 billion for the financial year 2021-22 with a deficit of Rs 58 billion.

According to the minister, non-development expenditure is Rs 346.861 crore and development expenditure is Rs 237 billion.

No new tax has been imposed in the budget while 5,000 new posts are on the cards.

The Finance Minister announced an increase of 10% in the salaries of government employees and Rs. 3 billion in the housing fund for government employees.

He said that the provincial government has allocated Rs 71 billion for education, Rs 38 billion for health, Rs 5.5 billion for health insurance, Rs 2 billion for enterprise development, Rs 2 billion for special persons and economic empowerment of women. Rs 500 billion has been set aside.

The government has set aside Rs 500 million for the welfare of minorities and Rs 3 billion for the pension fund.

More than 100 schools will be upgraded while Rs 11 billion has been allocated for the improvement of hospitals.

Buledi said the government would bring in a high-end high school project and a training center at Machh Jail, a surgical tower at provincial civil hospitals.

The budget session of the provincial assembly began two hours behind schedule due to violent protests in front of the assembly against the unfair distribution of funds.

Protesters clashed with police as lawmakers locked assembly doors to prevent the government from presenting the budget.

Lawmakers used batons and tears to disperse protesters. Balochistan Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan walked into the building.


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