The BCB rejected Mushfiqur Rahim’s request to impart training in Sher-e-Bangla, citing CO-ID-19 threat. Cricket news

The BCB rejected Mushfiqur Rahim’s request to impart training in Sher-e-Bangla, citing CO-ID-19 threat. Cricket news

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Dhaka: Bangladesh Cricket Board has turned down the request of former captain Mushfiqur Rahim and other senior players to train at Sher-e-Bangla Stadium in Mirpur, citing health safety concerns amid the COVID-19 epidemic.
The BCB stated that the disinfection process has not yet been completed at the Mirpur facility.
“Mushfiq communicated with us, he wanted to start personal training. But we told him that there is no safe time to do that now, he should train at home. Training is important, but the safety of the players is more for us. is important.” BCB Chief Executive Nizamuddin Chaudhary was quoted as referring to ‘Cricbuzz’.
“Some other players wanted to know if they could do individual training. But our message was the same for everyone. We are working on disinfecting our facilities. But the work is not done yet.”
746 people have died in Bangladesh and more than 55,000 people have tested positive for coronavirus.
Nizamuddin said, “We need to consider the overall situation. We cannot be hasty in anything. Many countries are starting their activities. We will definitely do the same. However, we are yet to get an exact date.” Can give. ”
“We are working to disinfect the things needed for training after Eid, and it is in the process. After its completion we can say that we are ready to start cricket training again.”
“Then we will look at the overall state of the country. After assessing the overall situation we will call the players because, you have to understand, we cannot risk the health of the players in any way because the players are very valuable assets to the BCB.”
The BCB chief executive said the board would follow ICC guidelines about resuming team training.
“It is true that some other countries have started their training activities following the ICC guidelines and we will do the same. We will just see what their plans are before planning to resume cricket. . ”
BCB chief physician Debashish Choudhary said that if the BCB wants to conduct residential training programs for the entire team, the medical team will also plan a bio-safety bubble for the players.
“The bio-security bubble is what you place in an enclosed space. Putting everyone inside a cover so that there is no communication from outside. Suppose you call a team of 15 players with five coaching staffs, a total of 20. People, you check. ” Test them all. You separated them by testing.
“When you separate them, you will see everything from their stay, their food to their transport. They will not come in contact with anyone (outside),” he said.
Chaudhary also said that going by the rate of infection, it is necessary to find out in which area the training facility falls.
“We need to look at the zones because there are no plans to consider some places and later find out that it falls in the red zone,” he said.


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