The best long-read world news in 2020

What connects the Oxford Classic Dawn, the billionaire American evangelist and a small, lost piece of an ancient manuscript?

For seven decades, India has been uniting through its constitution, which promises equality to all. But Narendra Modi’s BJP is shaping the nation in a way where some people are more Indian than others.

It’s cheap, attractive and easy, and we eat it every day – it’s not hard to do. But is ultra-processed food making us sick and driving the global obesity crisis?

After decades of hiding homeless people, Dominic van Allen found himself digging a bunker under a public park. But his life will be even more uncertain

Between fear and loneliness, we are learning that profound, positive change is possible

He became the de facto project manager of the country, but what does he actually believe? To know , I read almost everything Cummings wrote in the last decade

Cholera is rampant in the West, but it kills tens of thousands of people every year in poor countries. As we seek treatment for the corona virus, we need to make sure that it is available not only to rich nations, but to everyone.

A decade ago, violent racists took advantage of a national crisis and entered mainstream politics in Greece. The party has since been embroiled in the biggest Nazi trial since Nuremberg, and is now falling apart – but its success remains a warning.

For decades, one company has ruled the world of tampons. But a new wave of brands has emerged, selling themselves as more ethical, more feminine and more environmentally friendly.

A funeral, a family, and a journey into the dying religion

Republicans applied old school racism to the new demographics and got lost

When he was six years old, Paul Alexander contracted polio and was paralyzed for life. He is now 74 years old, and is still one of the last people in the world to use an iron lung. But after avoiding a deadly outbreak, he did not expect to be threatened by anyone else

The epidemic has devastated world tourism, and many would call the natural wonders of cities and garbage dumps a “good touch.” Is there a way to revive an industry that has suffered so much?

(And if you enjoy it, we also recommend Samantha Subramanyam on the dilapidated state of the airline industry.)

After four miscarriages, Jenny Egg set out to unravel the science of abortion. Then, within a few months, she found out she was pregnant again – just like the Corona virus is contagious.

Jane and Sandy Ralston are a married couple in their 70s, and are one of North America’s leading search experts.

It was once a widely accepted way of explaining why some children struggled to read and write. But in recent years, some experts have begun to question the very existence of dyslexia

Nestl’s sleek, chic capsule system has changed the way we drink coffee. But in an age when everyone is annoyed and wasteful of coffee, can it survive?

A handful of fundamentalist nature lovers are secretly raising endangered species and leaving them in the wild. Many are willing to break the law and endanger the scientific establishment’s approach to saving the animals of their choice.

The airport was closed for two days in 2018 due to drone sightings, but despite a lengthy police investigation, no culprits have been found since then. So what did people actually see in the Sussex sky?

In November 2019, James Lee Missouri, the British co-founder of the Syrian Rescue Group, died in Istanbul. Why take on the life of an internationally celebrated humanitarian?

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