The British lawyer denied the visa. He never applied through the Home Office

The British lawyer has not been able to bring his new wife to join the UK because the Home Office has rejected a visa for which he had not applied.

Sameer Pasha, 31, paid a total of £ 3,204 in legal fees to bring his new wife, 24-year-old Junab Fareeha Pasha, a 24-year-old dyslexia specialist, to the UK.

The couple got married in December 2019 in Pakistan.

Pasha presented hundreds of pages of evidence in the Home Office about his relationship, his financial situation and his job in support of his wife’s sponsor visa application in terms of immigration.

However, the Home Office rejected the application for a وز 95 simple visit visa, which it did not. Visitor visa applicants are not expected to provide the required number of supporting documents required for a partner visa.

Pasha says he is trapped because he has no right to appeal against the visa for which he did not apply.

“I have no right of appeal and no right of administrative review. I am in Pakistan with my wife. Our confidence in the British immigration system has been shattered. I will have to stay in Pakistan until it Will need to be corrected.

Pasha received a letter of apology “for sending you a blank visa denial notice” a day after the Guardian contacted the Home Office about the matter. It added that the denial has now been lifted and the spouse’s visa application will be reconsidered.

“We followed all the rules, we meet the income requirements and we have a real relationship,” Pasha said.

This is not the first time Pasha’s family has had difficulty getting a partner visa. When his brother applied for a marriage visa for his wife Rabia Matin Pasha, the Home Office denied it on the grounds that it was unreliable that he had been away from the family pizza business for several months. And the fact that there were contradictions. Menu account provided by him and his father. His father said the restaurant served pizza and his son said it also served garlic bread, chicken wings and ice cream side dishes.

In March 2019, a judge at the Immigration Tribunal rejected the Home Office’s reasons for denying the marriage visa and ordered the Home Office to pay the couple £ 140, which they have not yet received.

A Home Office spokesman said: “Ms. Zanab Pasha’s application was accepted by the Home Office as a wife visa and was denied. However, due to an administrative error, Ms. Pasha was issued an incorrect form.

“In light of this error, we will now review the application and cover the fee already paid, so Ms. Zanb Pasha will not have to pay again. We apologize for any inconvenience.” And in the case of Ms. Rabia Pasha, we are reviewing the judge’s comments and considering our next steps.

Sameer Pasha, a capable barrister who works as a senior case worker among MTC’s lawyers, has been assisted in applying for a partner visa by his fellow lawyer Sala Naga Kandia, who said: Toxic culture is forcing good applicants to endure months of enforced separation. The Home Office is playing with people’s lives and their future.


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