The British media regulator of work has rejected Ishaq Dar’s complaint against Geo

The British media regulator of work has rejected Ishaq Dar’s complaint against Geo

UK Media Regulator of Work. – Twitter

LONDON: The British media regulator of commerce has rejected a complaint filed by former finance minister Ishaq Dar against Geo News’ morning show. new Pakistan June 22, 2019.

The program discussed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), in which Geo News reported that there was a consensus between the Pakistani and British governments on the extradition of Ishaq Dar.

During the program, Shehzad Iqbal and Shehzad Akbar, guests of the show and advisers to Prime Minister Imran Khan, discussed the extradition and execution of Ishaq Dar, and it is said that footage from the MoU was also included in the program several times. Shown.

Dar complained that he had been treated unfairly and unfairly in the program and said that including the removal from the MoU in the program was an unnecessary violation of his privacy.

The former finance minister complained to Offcom that he was treated unfairly or unfairly during the broadcast because Akbar had made insulting remarks about him. Darr said he was not given a chance to present his own version of the facts, “the government’s politically motivated agenda and defamation propaganda.”

Geo News described Off-Com in detail, saying that it had performed its duties with great care and that the show was balanced as well as impartial. Geo News told Offcom that it did not violate Dar’s privacy or treat him unfairly on the show.

Dar, on the other hand, complained to Offcom that Geo News “made all sorts of murderous accusations and fake conspiracies against the character, which led to serious false and financial allegations against me.”

The PML-N leader claimed that the extradition proceedings against him had been launched by the British government “a year ago” and that British authorities had not yet informed him of any such action. “In fact, there is no action,” he added.

In its findings, OfCom said it has noted that material facts were not presented, ignored or omitted during the broadcast program, which may have led to fear in the program. Was treated unfairly. It said the comments on the Geo News show were out of context and did not result in an injustice to the former finance minister.

The media regulator said in its decision: “Offcom has acted unjustly or unfairly by Mr Ishaq Dar and has not acknowledged the program as a broadcast of a complaint of unwarranted breach of confidentiality.”


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