The dream of making a transparent Pakistan a reality: Usman Bazdar

The dream of making a transparent Pakistan a reality: Usman Bazdar

Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Bazdar has lamented that the opposition has violated the national interest to protect its personal interests.

In a statement, the Chief Minister stressed that the negative role of the opposition would not be remembered in good words, adding that the opposition had no strategy and had not done anything for the people. ۔

He added that thieves have been defeated at every opportunity because they used politics to loot and increase bank balances.

It is true that the culture of political looting has been eradicated by Prime Minister Imran Khan and billions of rupees worth of state lands have been recovered from the unemployed. He added that it was gratifying that the dream of a transparent Pakistan was coming true.

Meeting on Irrigation Department Projects

A meeting on Irrigation Department was held under the chairmanship of Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Bazdar in his office on Wednesday to review the progress on development schemes.

The Secretary Irrigation informed about the ongoing schemes. The Chief Minister directed to expedite the development works on the ongoing schemes for timely completion. The Chief Minister appreciated the performance of the Irrigation Department and asked it to work with more enthusiasm.

The meeting decided to curb the illegal practice of diverting canal water and directed the Chief Minister to form a committee to review the principles of expansion in canal command areas. The committee will make its comprehensive recommendations as soon as possible. It was also decided to formulate a policy for recovery of illegal occupation of areas adjacent to the canals and the Chief Minister directed that the policy be presented in a timely manner.

The Chief Minister directed to take immediate steps to transfer the control of Chashma Right Bank Canal to the Irrigation Department and further said that the summary should be finalized soon.

Meanwhile, the meeting was informed that feasibility reports have cleared the construction of small dams in the areas of Hathi Moor, Talangban and Khantak / Jalebi Moor in Mount Solomon. Funding for these projects will be provided immediately.

Directing the provision of resources for Chobara Branch Phase II, the Chief Minister said that work should be started for the rehabilitation of Gang Nala under Wahwa development project. The construction work of Lalu Dera Shah spray will be started soon and the Irrigation, Drainage, Rivers Act will be submitted to the Cabinet for approval.


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