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The government started providing funds to MPs before the Senate elections

The 24News News TV channel reported on Saturday that the PTI-led governments in the federation and the province have stepped up preparations for the Senate elections and started providing funds to their member parliaments.

The government has released 8 850 million for 294 development schemes in Faisalabad.

The TV channel has reported that the Member Punjab Assembly will launch 60% development schemes in its constituencies while the Member National Assembly will announce the remaining 40% development schemes in its constituencies.

Senate elections are likely to take place in late February or early March, as half the senators will retire in March after completing their six-year term.

The ruling PTI is expected to win 20 to 22 seats, which will also help it take over the upper house of parliament and pave the way for them to pass legislation.

Senate elections in Pakistan are notorious for horse trading and vote buying and this time the government has approached the Supreme Court for guidance on its plans to hold elections through open referendum through presidential reference.

The move is aimed at avoiding any undesirable surprises in the run-up to the Senate elections, which could jeopardize the PTI’s hopes of taking over the Senate and its legislative prospects, including the rollback of the 18th Amendment. I can put that which is facing strong resistance from the opposition.

In the last Senate elections too, the PTI had expelled 20 MPAs from the party who had allegedly sold their votes and left the PTI as the number of Senate winners dwindled.


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