The government will abide by the court’s decision regarding the Senate elections

The government will abide by the court’s decision regarding the Senate elections

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday called for transparency in the Senate elections and said the government would abide by the court’s decision on the issue.

The Prime Minister said that the history is clear from the horse trade in the Senate elections and the government wants to hold fair elections in the Upper House of Parliament.

On the Pakistan Democratic Movement’s (PDM) allegation that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) received financial support from Israel and India, the Prime Minister reiterated that the case should be heard openly, whether it is the Supreme Court or Election Commission. He said that unlike the opposition parties, PTI’s entire funding is legal with a complete record of donors, who are unable to name their financiers. If I was scared, would I demand an open hearing? He asked.

He said allegations of Israeli or Indian financial support by an anti-PTI person were unintentional and malicious. In the past, he said, the opposition was run by its own Chief PC Commissioner (CEC). He further said that since the present government has appointed a new chief of the Election Commission of Pakistan after consulting the opposition, the people should now know whether Israel or India has provided financial support to the PTI.

Asked about the broadsheet issue, the prime minister said it had nothing to do with the current government as General Musharraf had signed the agreement and unilaterally backed out by giving NRO to Nawaz Sharif. ۔ He said that the government has constituted a ministerial committee comprising judges and lawyers to investigate the matter and has suggested a way forward for the recovery of public money stashed abroad. He said the government would have to pay a broadsheet or face a markup of اپ 5,000 a day. The Prime Minister also referred to the State Department’s report on دس 10 billion in annual money laundering, which amounted to 200 200 billion in the last 20 years.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the government was compelled to pass on the effects of oil prices in the international market to the consumers to prevent further debt burden on the country. He said the country could not afford to borrow more to keep oil prices at a minimum. He said that the depreciation of the rupee had affected the prices of petroleum products, pulses, ghee and other imported commodities which were pushing up the inflation rate. He said that during the tenure of the present government, the value of dollar has gone up from Rs 107 to Rs 160, which further pushed the prices forward.

Imran Khan also mentioned the extraordinary agreements signed by the previous government with power generating companies which resulted in a difference of Rs. 3 in power generation and sales to consumers. However, he added that the current government could not take such steps to further burden the country with debt.

Responding to a question, the Prime Minister said that after the amalgamation of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the people of the amalgamated tribal districts would see a positive change in the development of their area as the provincial government would spend a lot there under the mega development package. ۔

In addition, Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed the concerned ministries to take timely steps to ensure uninterrupted supply of food and drink at low prices during the coming month of Ramadan. Presiding over the meeting to review the prices of commodities especially wheat and sugar, the Prime Minister directed them to ensure availability of daily necessities and reduction in prices. The Prime Minister also directed that they keep a regular watch on food prices and their availability till Ramadan.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the Ravi Urban Development Project was important for the economic and social development of Lahore and would create ample employment opportunities. Presiding over a meeting on development projects in the provincial capital of Punjab, the Prime Minister said, “Completion of the project will not only increase economic activities but also create employment opportunities through quality construction on unused land.

The meeting was informed about the proposed plans to build affordable housing for low-income groups under the Prime Minister’s vision around small towns in Punjab. Prime Minister Imran Khan directed that timelines be set for the benefit of the poor and low-income groups and that the project be launched as soon as possible.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that since Pakistan has offered vast investment opportunities, the government would provide all possible facilities to foreign companies to invest in various sectors of the country. He added that the government was also taking various steps under the one-window operation and business facilitation policy to facilitate foreign investment companies.


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