The HEC states that the principle of regular 5-day attendance is only for schools

The HEC states that the principle of regular 5-day attendance is only for schools

The Higher Education Commission said on Friday that the five-day attendance law enacted by the Ministry of Education only applies to schools and not to universities.

“The Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) has made it clear that all universities will continue to operate in accordance with the guidelines issued by the HEC,” in order to remove any misconceptions among students. Said on one of his Twitter threads.

The HEC explained that the Education Ministry’s recent announcement was “about the resumption of 5-day regular school week for urban centers in Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore and Peshawar”.

“Previously, schools in these cities were limited to 3-day school weeks by the NCOC in view of the large spread of COVID-19. The NCOC provided an update on the current situation in these cities. “It simply came to our notice then.

It states that higher education institutions will “continue their educational and research activities in accordance with the relevant guidelines already provided by the HEC”.

The governing body for universities exchanged two notices that had been issued earlier, the first of which contained guidelines because the second was to shut down universities amid the corona virus and the second to be aware of the strategy in detail. Was done when it was decided to reopen in a phased manner.

It called for strict adherence to health and safety guidelines set by all governments and the HEC, which “will remain in effect until amended.”

“Universities are advised to seek further guidance if they need an e-mail from the provincial / regional members of the Chair or COVID-19 Monitoring Committee. [email protected]”The HEC has recommended.


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