The IHC expressed outrage over the poor law and order situation in Islamabad

The IHC expressed outrage over the poor law and order situation in Islamabad

Islamabad High Court Chief Justice (IHC) Justice Athar Minallah on Thursday said that the Prime Minister of Pakistan should know what is happening to ordinary citizens in Islamabad.

During a hearing at the IHC on the alleged disappearance and subsequent recovery of Sajid Gondal, Additional Joint Director of the SECP, Justice Manullah told a Home Ministry representative what was happening in the federal capital. Inform the Prime Minister.

During the hearing, Additional Attorney General Tariq Mahmood Khokhar submitted a report on Gondal’s recovery by the Center to the IHC. “Sajid Gondal has been recovered and has returned home,” Khokhar told the court. “What happened to Sajid Gondal?” The IHC’s top judge asked what was known.

Noting that Prime Minister Imran Khan was credited with taking note of the matter, Manullah asked, “Where is the copy of the decision of the Federal Cabinet? What has been done for the common man? The prosecution branch in Islamabad.” What happened? Has it been established? Now that the missing citizen has returned, is the matter over?

The judge observed that no action was being taken to protect ordinary citizens but that “everything was happening for the elite”. He lamented that the attitude of the police towards the common man was different.

Talking about the rift between Additional Sessions Judge Jahangir Awan and Abida Raja of the Punjab Legislative Assembly in the red zone of Islamabad, Manullah asked, “If the firing in the red zone had been done by a common man, what would have happened?” What would SHO be? [station house officer] Let it go You are well aware that Sector F. 8 and f. In 10 there have been robberies in people’s homes. The Prime Minister should know what is happening to ordinary citizens! He added.


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