The ISI distances itself from the attack on Asad Ali Tor

The ISI distances itself from the attack on Asad Ali Tor

Islamabad: In liaison with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, the International Intelligence Agency (ISI) distanced itself from the recent incident in Islamabad on Saturday, in which digital media journalist Asad Ali Tor was brutally tortured. Was

The ministry said in a statement that the allegations against the intelligence agency were “part of a fifth-generation war” under a conspiracy. It said the ISI believed the investigation should go ahead as the faces of the accused could be clearly seen on CCTV.

The statement said that the ISI has requested strict action against the culprits involved in the incident. The ISI assured full cooperation with the investigating agencies in this regard. The Ministry of Information was in close touch with the Islamabad police and expressed hope that the accused would be arrested soon.

It said the practice of making accusations against institutions should end under any supporting evidence as such negative tendencies were part of a conspiracy against state institutions. “They firmly believe that the real culprits will be exposed soon,” he said.

Home Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said some people wanted to involve “state institutions” in the Tor incident. “Important footage has been obtained that will help law enforcement agencies track down those involved,” he said.

He said that the police in collaboration with the FIA ​​would bring the culprits behind the incident to justice. Earlier this week, it was reported that a journalist was attacked by three masked men at his home in Islamabad.

Closed-circuit television camera footage showed three masked suspects leaving after the journalist’s apartment. Also, the video shows an injured Asad Ali Tor walking out of the apartment with his hands and feet tied, asking for help. He was later taken to hospital.


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