The man who told the world that the news should be more optimistic BBC

However, we have blown our own whistle (Parp Parp), it must be admitted that we are not really a pioneer in the field of ‘good news’.

But this week we met at least someone who is.

When Sir Martin Lewis rolled his wings at the BBC in 1993, as one of his top newscasters, he suggested that the news was too serious and to ferment it to prevent the audience from shutting down. It is necessary. He was given a short shift, and left the broadcaster a few years later.

The BBC has it these days A team dedicated to solution-based news, And ostensibly coveted during the crisis to ensure that more constructive stories of hope and optimism emerge. Lewis made the remarks during a recent confrontation with a senior executive.

“I know the BBC is moving slowly,” Lewis told him, “but even by its standards, 27 years is too long for something to go off the ground.”

Hope for social distance Photographer: Nick Ashley / CTN

We sat down with Lewis for half an hour to discuss the rise of optimistic journalism. Interview will be presented during a (virtual) 24 hour press conference Coming up next month. Able to drown

Otherwise, this week we were very excited:

The best hope for a vaccine: a 27-minute podcast.

• Indian schools where students pay for lessons from plastic waste: Three minutes of reading.

New Zealand couple gave their land to the nation: read two minutes.

Notable stations in and around New Zealand Photographer: Provided / Qi I Trust

• Scotland became the first nation to provide free period products for all: two minutes read.

* Can Biden reverse the toxic polarization of recent years? Two minutes OpEd.

Lucky number

For the fifth consecutive year in 2019, the number of people killed in terrorist attacks around the world, According to the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP).

The European Union has reached an agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030, compared to 1990 levels.

According to official statistics, in 2018-19, about 52% of English people between the ages of 17 and 30 participated in higher education.

And the statistics show that the second wave of Cove 19 in England has finally stopped.

Which we liked

This is through the Atlantic Ocean Carbon removal is an interesting dive into the expensive but important world.

And NASA reported How the level of nitrogen dioxide pollution has decreased rapidly this year.

Meanwhile, the positive news is making us happy Seven Ways to Cope With Loneliness During the festive season.

What we heard

We want to know where you see your hope in 2021. Are you also vaguely optimistic about the new year? Let us know in general fashion.

Shelter was contacted to tell us about next week’s virtual carol concert, which she hopes will be the largest in the UK, and will help raise funds for the Christmas appeal. Check it out.

Last week, we asked how the lockdown has changed your family, perhaps making parents a little more available to parents who walk and walk in schools.

Anna Harrison from south-west London wrote:

My husband watches the children go to school there every morning and every afternoon and sees them coming back; the gender balance in our house is not as good as it is now. “

I am sure you are not alone in feeling the ego.

Where was the upside?

With all the ethical buyers on this very unusual Black Friday.

Thanks for reading. have a good weekend. Take a walk upstairs, and tell us all about it.


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