The Ministry of Education has proposed closing schools from November 24

The Ministry of Education has proposed closing schools from November 24

Students wearing face masks line up to enter their school in Karachi on September 15, 2020, almost six months after the reopening of educational institutions, almost six months after the spread of Cowood-19. – AFP / Files

The Federal Ministry of Education has recommended that the provinces close schools from November 24 to January 31, 2021 amid growing coronavirus infection in the country.

The ministry on Wednesday proposed closing primary schools from November 24 and middle schools from December 2.

The final decision will be made on November 23.

A day after the development, Sindh Education Minister Saeed Ghani had said that school children would not be given winter break this year.

The provincial minister had said that due to the corona virus epidemic, students have been given more holidays than usual this year.

“So, there’s no question of a winter vacation right now,” he said.

He added that a final decision on the matter would be taken at a meeting of the National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) in late November.

Ghani’s statement came after Federal Education Minister Shafqat Mahmood convened a special meeting of the Education Minister to decide on the recommendations of the NCOC when the winter holidays and extension were announced.

As there was no consensus, a decision on the matter was postponed until next week.

It is important to mention here that over the last six days, more than 2,000 new infections have been recorded daily in Pakistan.

During the last 24 hours, a total of 2,208 new Cowed 19 cases were confirmed, bringing the total to 363,380. With 37 new deaths, the country’s corona virus death toll rose to 7,230.

A total of 325,788 people have so far recovered from the virus, with 30,362 active cases.

After 38,544 tests were conducted across Pakistan, the positivity rate has reached 5.3%.

The NCC makes important decisions

Meanwhile, the National Coordinating Committee has immediately banned large gatherings as the corona virus epidemic is spreading in the country.

According to a statement, the NCC has banned outdoor gatherings with more than 300 participants.

The NCC said that the management of any program would be responsible for enforcing the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for corona virus.

If the incident causes the virus to spread, the administration will be responsible.

At weddings, it has been said that indoor gatherings will be banned from November 20 and only outdoor events with a maximum of 300 people will be allowed.

It also said the NCC would convene a meeting next week to decide whether to ban indoor dining on restoration cars, adding that people should be allowed to eat out or eat at home. Food will be encouraged.

The NCC added that local authorities would ensure that people wear masks in all crowded places.


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