The miscreants took 12 policemen hostage and attacked a police station in Lahore

The miscreants took 12 policemen hostage and attacked a police station in Lahore

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LAHORE: In response to an attack on Nawankot police station in Lahore in which six policemen were injured and a dozen others were taken hostage, Punjab Chief Minister’s Special Assistant Usman Bazdar Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan said that police Has not taken any action against the miscreants.

He said the police chose only retaliation to rescue the officers who had been taken hostage by the miscreants.

“The miscreants armed with petrol bombs when they attacked the Nanokot police station, took 12 policemen hostage and injured six,” Dr Awan said.

Sharing a statement from Lahore police, he said that due to the attack, the attackers used petrol bombs and acid bottles, and Rangers and policemen were trapped inside the police station.

The miscreants held the deputy superintendent of police hostage at gunpoint, along with 11 other police officers, and took him to their vehicle. Markaz (Nearby is a mosque and a madrassa).

In addition to attacking the police station and kidnapping officers, the miscreants also stole an oil tanker containing 50,000 liters of petrol, he said.

According to the police statement, the police pushed back the miscreants and seized the police station.

The statement said, “Police did not plan or carry out any operation against the mosque or madrassa. The operation, if any, was in self-defense and to protect public property.”

Awan also confirmed that any action is in self-defense and for the recovery of the hostage-taking police officers.

He said clashes between protesters and police this week had left six policemen dead and more than 700 injured.

Last week, the Tehreek-e-Lubaik Pakistan (TLP) – a banned organization on Thursday – called for nationwide protests and sit-ins, which turned violent after protesters clashed with police. Was As a result, at least three people, including two policemen, were killed. Meanwhile, hundreds of police officers were injured as they tried to disperse a crowd of protesters during a three-day protest.

According to police, the protesters also vandalized public and private property while blocking roads, causing massive traffic jams in various cities of Pakistan, some of which lasted for more than five hours. Continue until Due to traffic jams, flights were delayed, while Lahore hospitals faced a critical situation due to lack of oxygen cylinders.

Government cannot be blackmailed: Fawad Chaudhry

Commenting on Sunday’s incident, Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Fawad Chaudhry said that while the government believed in holding talks with various parties, it would not be blackmailed through violence.

“Police officials and Rangers personnel were abducted in Lahore in response to which an operation was to be launched,” he said, reiterating that the government would not be blackmailed by banned organizations. ۔

The Minister further said that like other people, Prime Minister Imran Khan is an ardent follower of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) – something that he has repeatedly raised in various forums on the subject of respect for the Prophet of Islam. Has been proven .


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