The National Assembly session will resume tomorrow

The National Assembly session will resume tomorrow

The National Assembly will convene tomorrow to raise the issue of the deportation of the French ambassador in protest of the publication of insulting material in a French magazine and President Emmanuel Macron in defense of the move, which has hurt the feelings of millions of Muslims. Will go

The opposition will raise its concerns while the government has decided to set up a special committee. A few days ago, the Speaker of the National Assembly Asad Kausar adjourned the meeting for two days to allay the reservations of the opposition.

Sources said that the opposition was banning the submission of a note of reservations to the National Assembly Secretariat because, according to them, the government had not shown its seriousness on such a sensitive issue. A PTI lawmaker moved the resolution and the speaker announced the formation of a special committee, which called on the government and the opposition to work together to reach a consensus.

Amjad Ali Khan passed a resolution to discuss the issue of deportation of the French Ambassador from Pakistan and to inform all European countries, especially France, about the seriousness of the issue. It said the issue should be discussed in detail with all Muslim countries and raised jointly in international forums.


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