The PPP candidate won the Badin KP70 by-election

The PPP candidate won the Badin KP70 by-election

24 News News HD TV channel reported that PPP candidate Haji Dada Mohammad Halepoto has won the Badin KP 70 by-election by a huge margin of 40,000 votes.

According to the unofficial results of 123 polling stations of Badin KP-70, the PPP candidate got 46354 votes while JUI Maulana Gul Hassan got 6435 votes. A total of 57501 votes have been cast and the turnout was 28%.

The Election Commission of Pakistan has registered a total of 166,809 voters in this constituency, out of which 91,587 are men and 75,222 are women. 123 polling stations were set up. Eleven candidates contested the election. He said that the people, both ‘elected’, have rejected another so-called revolutionary revolution

PPP Chairman Bilawal Zardari Bhutto has congratulated Haji Dada Muhammad Halepoto on his historic victory and said that the victory of PPP was the victory of the people of Badin. “The PTI is facing a permanent defeat in the by-elections. The PPP is fighting for the people of the country,” he said, referring to the PTI’s mockery of the IMF and its affiliation. “Serving the people is the soul of PPP politics. They are doing their best to solve the problems facing the people,” he said, praising the people of Badin for making the PPP the winner. ۔


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