The Prime Minister fired Hafeez Sheikh over ‘rising inflation’

The Prime Minister fired Hafeez Sheikh over ‘rising inflation’

Federal Information Minister Shibli Faraz told a private TV channel on Monday that Prime Minister Imran Khan had decided to remove Abdul Hafeez Sheikh from the post of Finance Minister.

Senator Shibli said that Finance Minister Hamad Azhar would be given additional charge of the Finance Ministry. He said the decision was taken because the prime minister was not satisfied with Sheikh’s performance during rising inflation in the country. “Prime Minister Khan is unhappy with the inflation in the country and he has decided to bring in a new finance team,” he said, adding that the prime minister had expressed confidence in Hamad Azhar’s performance and He is also in charge of the Ministry of Finance. .

Azhar has been appointed the third finance minister since the PTI came to power in 2018.

“Prime Minister Imran gave Hamad Azhar a portfolio of finance which is a young and capable minister so that he can formulate policies according to the ground realities of Pakistan and provide relief to the poor,” Faraz said. He added that he did not know about the future of the Sheikh in the government. He said further cabinet reshuffle would be announced by Tuesday.

The move saw Hafeez Sheikh, who has enjoyed the post of federal minister since December last year, lose his bid for a Senate seat for PPP’s Yousuf Raza Gilani, after which he resigned from the federal cabinet. Related questions raised. Sheikh, who is not a member of parliament, was previously an adviser to the finance minister and took over as finance minister in December last year. However, according to Article 91 (9) of the Constitution, he cannot remain a Minister for more than six months unless he is elected to one of the Houses. Therefore, he had to be elected to the Senate this time so that he could continue as Finance Minister after June.

Following his loss, Lahore High Court Chief Justice Qasim Khan questioned how Sheikh could remain in the post as an unelected member of the cabinet despite losing the Senate election. If indeed people in democracies voluntarily resign from public office [they are] Not elected, “the chief justice observed and included steps to build democracy, not just words. He remarked,” It looks like the sheikh will hold his bag and leave only after the work is over. Will go

Last week, Prime Minister Imran Khan called for the resignation of his special assistant Nadeem Babar and secretary petroleum to ensure transparency in the investigation into the fuel crisis. The Prime Minister has decided that since the whole of China is to be investigated and the nation’s billions of rupees to be investigated, to ensure the fact that there is no doubt that anyone is involved in this investigation. The measures could be effective, Asad Omar told a press conference, adding that the Secretary Petroleum Division would also be asked to report to the Establishment Division as soon as a final decision is taken on his replacement. He clarified that the directive of the SAPM and the Secretary did not mean that they were involved in the Criminal Act.

Reacting to the development, Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari called the removal of Hafeez Sheikh a victory for the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM). In a message released on Twitter, Bilawal Bhutto said that the removal of the finance minister was a victory for the PDM. “The PTIF minister needed to be elected to remain in office and the defeat of the Senate made that impossible,” he said, adding that the government had now acknowledged that it had failed. Inflation is skyrocketing due to policies. Parliamentary opposition [has] It proved to be the most effective government in the country, “he said.


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