The prime minister has said he will sit on opposition benches if he fails to win a vote of confidence

The prime minister has said he will sit on opposition benches if he fails to win a vote of confidence

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that if he fails to get a vote of confidence from Parliament, he will sit on the opposition benches.

He expressed these views while addressing the nation on Thursday. After defeating PTM candidate Abdul Hafeez Sheikh by PDM candidate Yousuf Raza Gilani in the Senate elections, he dealt a blow to the opposition parties. He said that the opposition parties had damaged democracy in the country by horse-trading in the Senate elections. He bought PTI MNAs to be elected as his corrupt candidate in the Senate elections. Despite all the corruption, the PTI emerged as the largest party in the upper house of parliament.

Imran Khan said he would seek a vote of confidence from parliament on Saturday (March 6th). If I fail to get the vote, the opposition will sit on the benches. I will respect the decision of the MPs. He said that he would not forgive corrupt politicians till the last moment of his life.

The Prime Minister said that if he did not stay in power, he would take the nation out against corruption and corrupt people. “People have come out not against the corrupt but against the corrupt and corrupt.”

He vowed that Pakistan was committed to emerging as a great nation in accordance with the dreams of its founding ancestors. “This country will go up, and these big thieves and robbers will be behind bars,” he said.

Prime Minister Imran Khan also questioned the role of the Election Commission of Pakistan in the Senate elections. He said that ECP opposed open referendum in the Supreme Court. He added that ensuring free, fair elections in the country is the constitutional responsibility of the ECP. The ECP saved the corrupt people by holding a secret ballot. He added that the ECP could have held Senate elections as per the Supreme Court directive.

He said that after receiving money in the 2018 Senate elections, he expelled 20 MPAs from his party. He said the government had introduced a bill in Parliament for open voting in the Senate elections. The opposition refused to hold an open referendum, then the government went to the Supreme Court for guidance. The Supreme Court, in its observation, held the ECP responsible for free and fair elections in the country. He said that all the opposition parties in the past wanted open voting and now they want secret ballot. He said the secret ballot was suitable for the opposition because it had succeeded in “buying” opposition parliamentarians.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the opposition wanted to take NRO from him. He said he blackmailed her on various occasions, including FATF legislation. I have said before that all corrupt people will unite against it for NRO. He added that he also tried to put pressure on the government over the corona virus.

He said that he was proud to be born in an independent state. He said that Pakistan has been in decline since 1985 when Pakistan brought money in non-partisan electoral system. He added that the money destroyed the political system.


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