The prosperity of Joe Biden and the world

The prosperity of Joe Biden and the world

The Democratic Party, along with its main historical rival, the Republican Party, is one of the two largest modern political parties in the United States. Exposing the legacy of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison’s Democratic Republican Party, the modern-day Democratic Party was founded around 188 by supporters of Andrew Jackson, making it one of the world’s oldest active political parties. Was The party has a vision. To create a society in which informed and dynamic citizens are independent and make policy decisions based on the will of the majority. Moreover, they believe in building democracy through activism, education, and collaboration as part of their mission. As part of the party’s goal, officials say, “Our party is strong because it is committed to advancing our democratic platform and creating a positive solution that includes everyone. As Democrats, we feel that this “Everyone in the nation should be treated with dignity and respect. We believe that health care is a right for all and that we should be rewarded for the hard work of middle class families. We believe that our Schools and streets should be free of gun violence and it is up to a woman to decide about her own body.

There was a recent presidential election and Mr. Biden defeated Donald Trump after a tough contest. He received a total of 290 votes against his rival’s 232. After defeating the current Trump in the 2020 US presidential election, he will be inaugurated as the 46th President on January 46, 2021. She will be the oldest president in American history. Mr. Biden was born in Scanton, Pennsylvania, in 1942, and moved to Delaware as a child. As a politician, he has maintained close political ties with both the states. Having served public life for almost half a century, he is highlighting his government experience, and trying to present himself as a stable and experienced hand in a dangerous and uncertain world. Recognizing Obama as his ideal and urging him to live up to his legacy, he served as Vice President in the Obama administration during the passage of the Affordable Care Act, and health care remained his top priority. █ö As the Corona virus crisis has spread, he is looking for ways to help voters present themselves as commander-in-chief, and make recommendations based on the advice of healthcare and economists. In a television commercial, he stated that his health care was his own. Because it is an issue he often discusses in the context of his family’s tragedy. He lost his first wife (in 1972) and a newborn daughter (in 2015) in a car accident, and his son Beau Baden died of brain cancer. He is looking forward to uniting the nation in difficult times.

Biden is receiving congratulations from all over the world after claiming victory in the US presidential election in 2020. World leaders are watching closely to see how Biden plans to reshape US foreign policy. Leaders of countries; Australia, Canada, China, Fiji, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philippines, South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom congratulated the winners. Elections. The question is; What are the global implications of Biden’s presidency of the superpower? United States of America? Will he make changes in foreign policy or tighten them even with these countries, some of which are very close to the United States and some of which are considered rivals or opponents of the United States? What would his policies be about NATO because Donald Trump had a full-fledged relationship and suggested withdrawing from NATO? Time will tell what will happen to the world after January 2021. But hopes are high everywhere and it is being seen as a sign of positivity around the world.

Like Biden, the president-elect of the United States, ready to sit on the Bigg Boss seat after bitter and divisive elections in the United States, the rest of the world is preparing for the transition, and many hope that He will restore the institution. Stability in conducting US foreign policy. Like other countries, Pakistan had to sustain Biden for 4 years. The concern is that; Whether Biden’s presidency will be different for Pakistan than Trump’s presidency or more importantly, if Bacon is vice president, Barack Obama’s two terms. The ups and downs in Pakistan’s relations with the United States have always depended on the need for Pakistan when the United States needs it and how Pakistan is able to take the side of the United States at this time. The last two decades have been no different and probably will not be. Strategic partnerships depend on strategic issues and interests: geography, shared values, shared risk perceptions and business innovation. But, most of these factors have not been effective in shaping US-Pakistan relations. The wire of good or bad has connected the United States and Pakistan for decades. Pakistan’s northwestern neighbor was close to Biden when he was vice president, but his style was different. He took an active interest in the developments in Afghanistan through all accounts. According to some sources, he tried to persuade Obama that a major increase meant “we are locked in Vietnam” because he was against the increase in Afghanistan. Under Trump, he brought the Taliban to the peace table and he sided with the world, including Pakistan. But so far, the line between the United States and Pakistan remains intact. The question is, what will Biden do if negotiations stall and violence continues? The United States has only one interest that binds both states, and it depends on how things are going.

The entire Muslim Ummah is also curious as everyone is waiting for him to introduce better policies for Muslims. In many of his speeches and videos, he has shown leniency and sympathy for the oppressed. The concern is that; He is going to be the head of the superpower. If he wants, he can bring peace to the whole world, especially in Kashmir, Burma and Palestine. The time has come for the United States to reconsider its foreign policy towards Muslim countries and to end racism at home and abroad so that this world can become a better place to live.

The author is a senior social analyst and can be found in the Chairman Pakistan Columnist Council [email protected]


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