The Punjab government banned visible smoke-emitting vehicles to curb smog

The Punjab government banned visible smoke-emitting vehicles to curb smog

A passenger on a motorcycle during heavy smog in Lahore. – AFP / Files

Punjab on Thursday banned burning of crops and blocking of vehicles coming from the road in an effort to improve the deteriorating air quality index of the provinces.

According to a notification issued by the provincial government, there is evidence of permanent deterioration in the air quality index in Punjab.

The notification said that this level has come down from a satisfactory level to a moderate and poor level of pollution, which can lead to respiratory diseases including respiratory problems, asthma and also heart related diseases in children. , The notification said.

The Punjab government has banned the following activities to control and control smog in the province.

I. Burn any crop residue

ii. Vehicles that emit significant smoke and pollution fall into impenetrable limits

iii. All industries operating without an emission control system and assisting in disrupting the Air Quality Index

iv. All stone crushers operating without wet scobers

v. Burn all kinds of solid waste, tires, rubber and plastic

vi. Sales and use of all types of sub-standard fuels

vii. All kinds of encroachments that easily obstruct the flow of traffic on public roads, including sidewalks

viii. Any type of parking that may interfere with the smooth flow of traffic

ix. All kinds of activities that help create runaway soil without proper protection

X. Storage of disclosed and open dumping / construction materials

xi. Exposed transportation of construction and other materials such as sand, mud, and cement

xii, Any unauthorized activity that may contribute to the formation of smog

xiii. For brick kilns:

a. All old-fashioned brick kilns will not be allowed to operate from November 7, 2020 to December 31, 2020

b. All brick kilns built on Zig Zag method will be allowed to operate in accordance with the SOPs formulated by the Department of Environmental Protection, Punjab Government.

c By 31 December 2020, all brick kilns will have to be converted to zigzag method

d. Any brick kiln built on the method other than the Zigzag method will not be allowed to operate after 31 December 2020


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