The risk of a private covid vaccine is at stake when global stocks run out

The risk of a private covid vaccine is at stake when global stocks run out

The country’s private supply of Kovid 19 vaccines has suffered a blow since 60,000 doses imported from Russia and China were used earlier this month, importers say, due to growing global demand. Manufacturers are struggling to meet new orders from Pakistan.

Pakistan’s two private pharmaceutical companies, AGP Limited and AJM Pharma, imported 50,000 doses of Russia’s Sputnik V and 10,000 doses of the Chinese vaccine, Convodia, in March and April this year. Private companies admitted 35,000 people to private hospitals, hospitals and medical facilities in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Muhammad Kamran Mirza, a non-executive director of AGP Limited, said, “Our first 50,000 food shipments have been fully utilized, but now we have to face supply problems for further imports from the manufacturer in Russia. Is falling. ” He added that his company was trying to get more vaccines from manufacturers, but “we are not sure when we will get them.”

“Our imported vaccines have been delivered to hospitals where trials of the vaccine were conducted earlier this year,” Sultan Khan, marketing executive of AJM Pharma Limited, told media. “The CoV-19 vaccine is in high demand in the global market, and we are trying to help the government fight the virus as much as possible,” he added. As the third wave of the Kovid 19 epidemic spreads to 220 million South Asian countries, the government has increased demand for imported vaccines through private players.

The Spatonic V and Convidecia vaccines are among the vaccines currently authorized for emergency use in Pakistan, which is why both the AGP and AJM paid Rs 8,449 for two doses of Spatonic and one for Convidecia. Arranged them for food at a cost of Rs. 4,225. At prices set by the federal cabinet


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