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The Science Diplomacy Web Page was launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Foreign Ministry has launched the Science Diplomacy Web page. Foreign Secretary Sohail Mahmood presided over the ceremony and launched the web page.

The webpage will help promote global science diplomacy and international scientific cooperation, and help bring about global efforts for science and technology. It will inform the world about the inventions and developments in science and technology in Pakistan, and will serve as a hub for providing information on science, technology and inventions.

A portal has been set up for experts from abroad and Pakistanis, with the aim of creating an axis of creative minds.
Overseas embassies will contact this qualification with the information available on the website.

The Foreign Ministry launched science diplomacy in 2018. This step was taken on the role of science and technology in solving the world’s problems and achieving sustainable development goals.

A new action plan was also launched in the Science Diplomacy Division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The Action Plan focuses on issues related to the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Action Plan aims to build partnerships and pave the way for mutual cooperation to achieve these goals.


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