The Sindh government has no role in the arrest of Captain Safdar: Maryam Nawaz

PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz is addressing a press conference with JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman on October 19, 2020. – INP

KARACHI: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Vice President Maryam Nawaz on Monday rejected the notion that after the arrest of Capt (retd) Safdar, there would be a rift between the PPP and the PDM, adding that it would take a moment. She also does not believe that her husband was arrested by Sindh. Government.

Addressing a press conference on Monday, Maryam said the PDM leadership was not a “child”, adding that she initially knew that the PPP had no hand in the arrest of Captain Safdar.

Maryam told a news conference on Monday that she did not think for a second that the party or the Sindh government had directed the police to arrest her husband.

“I am telling the nation that I did not for a moment realize that these were the steps of the Sindh government,” Maryam said.

“You may be a fool, but we are not children and we understand everything and what game is being played and what is its purpose. I did not think for a moment that the PPP was behind it. [arrest]Mary said. He added that the PDM was vigilant and knew that such things would happen.

Talking about the arrest, Maryam said that she and her husband fell asleep after dawn when they arrived late from last night’s PDM rally.

“At about 6:15 am, someone started knocking on our door. We were asleep,” said Maryam. The PML-N vice-president said he thought the noise could be due to construction activities nearby. ۔

“I heard that noise a minute or two later. I told Safdar that someone was knocking on our door. She added that when her husband opened the door, police officers outside told him they were there to arrest him.

The PML-N leader said that her husband had told the police that he would change and come out. He added that he had heard someone knocking on the door of the room again.

They broke the security leach and entered the room. I was in bed and Safdar said don’t come in, I will come out. I’m taking my medicine, “said Mary.

Maryam said that however, the police ignored her request and arrested her anyway.

Maryam claims to be a fugitive witness to terrorism charges

Sharing the details of the witness in the case that led to Captain Safdar’s arrest, Maryam claimed that witness Waqas Ahmad Khan had absconded on terrorism charges.

“Why are the witnesses the same in the cases you file?” He referred to an earlier fraud case against the PML-N leadership and asked why people have a “criminal record” in such cases.

“You find people like that. An honest man will never get ahead in such things and these people [with records] Will be raised, “said Mary.

He also questioned why cases of sedition, terrorism and death threats were registered against PDM leaders.

“Thousands of people were there. Will anyone understand the danger of this death among thousands of people? Why would anyone make death threats? [there]Asked Mary.

There is nothing wrong with shouting slogans, says Maryam

Maryam also said that there was nothing wrong with the slogan “Respect the Vote”, adding that the same words were used by Quaid-e-Azam.

“Azte the vote is not a slogan that insults anyone. “I know very well who is afraid to vote and who is afraid of the motherland (who has long been the mother of the nation),” she said. There are those who came to power by stealing the mandate of the people.

Maryam says Safdar has been receiving threats for a long time

The PML-N leader also revealed that her husband, Captain Safdar, had been receiving “threats for a long time”, adding that those who had been threatening him were telling him that they would kill him. Will not give up

Maryam claimed, “And it was coming from a very high level. She challenged the authorities to arrest her instead of” blackmailing “people through her relatives.

“The world has seen your face today. I know the whole story [but I am not sharing] Because the investigation is ongoing. Murad Ali Shah has told me everything and I know what happened here, “said Maryam.

When you don’t think with your mind and think [a position of] Power, you make these mistakes, “said Mary.

“You have completely exposed yourself. You made our job easier, “Maryam said. She also said that Nawaz Sharif’s position was confirmed that there is a” state beyond the state “, saying that” Nawaz Sharif told the truth “.

Maryam also said that she would leave for Karachi with her husband after receiving the news that the court had granted her bail.

Capt. Safdar’s arrest a ‘planned conspiracy’: Fazal

PDM chairman Maulana Fazlur Rehman claimed that the Inspector General of Sindh Police was taken hostage and forced to file a case against PML-N leader Captain Safdar.

When the IG police refused to take action against him [PML-N leaders] In your own home He was arrested. At the same press conference, the JUI-F leader alleged that he was held hostage in the office of the authorities for four hours and was forced to register an FIR.

Fazal asked, “Now tell me who is in power?” He further said that the Sindh government had clarified its position and said that Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah had not been informed about the action.

The PDM chairman also questioned the perception of respect for women in any society, saying that no “respectable country” has treated women in this way.

Fazal called the incident “bullying” and added that politicians had come to “protest within the law”.

The PDM chairman said the arrest was a “conspiracy” planned to divide the PPP and the PDM in Karachi. He further said that the conspiracy of presence of PPP leadership in today’s press conference has been foiled.

He said that Mazar-e-Quaid was bullied. When we PTI workers did the same at the same shrine, we can show you clips. Didn’t they insult them then? Asked Fazal.

The PDM chairman also asked where the witness had heard the “death threat” from the screams during the commotion. He added that the platform would also share details about the witness in whose name the FIR was registered.

“This is an attack not only on Maryam but on the entire PDM,” Fazal said.


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