The special PAF plane brought the first installment of the COVID-19 vaccine

The special PAF plane brought the first installment of the COVID-19 vaccine

A Pakistan Air Force (PAF) special plane carrying the first consignment of corona virus vaccine arrived in Islamabad on Sunday night.

Earlier in the evening, Asad Omar, head of the National Command Operations Center (NCOC), said the plane was loading vaccine containers. The state-run news agency reported that the NCOC said in a brief statement that a comprehensive vaccine administration strategy across the country would be implemented with administrative measures in line with the national vaccine strategy for the arrival of vaccines.

According to the NCOC, all necessary steps have been taken for storage of vaccines in Islamabad and vaccines have been airlifted to various federating units, especially in Sindh, Sindh and Balochistan. A Vaccine Neurological Center has been set up at the NCOC with the Vaccine Administration at the provincial and district levels. The Corona Virus Monitoring Center discussed in detail the government’s vaccine administration strategy across Pakistan, administrative measures and especially the movement of the first installment of the vaccine. Earlier this month, the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRPP) approved both the Chinese-made Sonoform and the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine. A day earlier, Assad Omar broke the good news that Kovacs had hinted at delivering 17 million doses of the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine in the first half of 2021. Received a letter from COVAX [an] He wrote on Twitter that in the first half of 2021, up to 17 million doses of AstraZeneca were provided. According to the planning minister, six million of the total 17 million doses will be received by March with supplies in February. He did not give a date. He added: “We signed with Covix about eight months ago to ensure availability.

Meanwhile, the NOCC said that the highest number of deaths due to the epidemic was recorded in the last 24 hours.

The country’s Neurological Center for Response to COVID-19 added that the total number of cases in the country is 33,182, with at least 1,599 cases recorded in the last 24 hours. Another 34 deaths were recorded, bringing the death toll in the country to 11,657.

According to the NCOC, about 42,245,555 tests were conducted nationwide on January 30, of which 1,599 were positive, with the country reported 544,813 so far.

Out of the total number of deaths, 3,992 deaths have occurred in Sindh, 4,736 in Punjab, 1,897 in KP, 475 in Islamabad, 195 in Balochistan, 260 in Azad Jammu and Kashmir and 102 in GB. Of the 34 deaths reported on January 30, six were reported in Sindh, 20 in Punjab, seven in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and one in AJK, the NCOC said. According to the NCOC, the total number of registered patients in the country is 499,974.

Pakistan has so far conducted about V7,932,196 Covid 19 tests. There are about 631 hospitals with Covid 19 facilities and 2,591 patients across the country.

Also, senior leader of Insaf Lawyers Wing Shahid Naseem Gondal passed away on Saturday due to novel Corona virus.

He had contracted the virus a month ago and was being treated at a hospital in Rawalpindi, where he died on Saturday due to complications caused by COVID-19. Gondal was a well-known lawyer and Chief Law Officer of Capital Development Authority, Islamabad.

Also, Jam Shabbir Ali Khan, a PPP candidate contesting the PS-43 Sanghar III by-election, tested positive for the corona virus. Shabbir Ali Khan was diagnosed with corona virus in Jamshoro laboratory, which was positive. He locked himself in his house after a positive test.


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