‘There was no intention from Dhoni’: Stokes on World Cup game against India | Cricket news

‘There was no intention from Dhoni’: Stokes on World Cup game against India | Cricket news

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New Delhi: England all-rounder Ben Stokes was astounded by India’s run-scoring strategy during his World Cup game last year in which he found Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma’s approach “mysterious” and Mahendra Singh Dhoni during the run ” No intention “seen. Chase.

In fact, Stokes called Captain Virat Kohli’s complaints about the “59 meter” range on one side “whinging”.

It was the game in Birmingham where India were beaten extensively by 31 runs in chasing England’s mammoth score of 337 for 7 last year.

In his new book ‘On Fire’, published by Headline Books and distributed by Hatchet India, Stokes analyzed each of England’s games in the World Cup.

He said, “The way MS Dhoni plays, he was a stranger even when he needed 112 runs in 11 overs. He appeared in singles with more intent than sixes. A dozen. India could have won even when the balls were remaining.

Stokes wrote in his soon-to-be-published book, “He had little or no intention of (Dhoni) or his partner Kedar Jadhav. For me, victory is still possible if you are always broken.”

He revealed that the dressing room in England felt that Dhoni tried to take it deep enough to maintain the run-rate. Dhoni remained unbeaten after scoring 42 runs in 31 balls, but the last over came when the match ended in a contest.

“There is a principle in our camp that Dhoni’s way of playing has always been the same. Even though India cannot win the game, he takes it right till the end to ensure that India’s run rate remains relatively healthy.” Stokes wrote.

“His big thing has always been to give himself a chance to win by being at the crease for the final over, but he usually prefers to get close to a goal even due to defeat.”

In fact, the new England bowlers Chris Woakes and Jofra Archer hit hard on Rohit and Kohli as they consumed around 27 overs for their 138 runs.

He said, “The way Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli were playing was mysterious. I know we bowled brilliantly in the meantime, but the way they learned about their batting seemed bizarre.

“He let his team go too far away from the game. He showed no desire to put any pressure on our team. Rather content with just drift, a strategy that was clearly playing into our hands.”

Stokes also wrote that Kohli’s explanation of the small boundaries made him feel “a little weird”.

He said, “Yet India captain Kohli felt strange to hear about the size of the boundary post-match presentation.

“I’ve never heard such a bizarre complaint after a match. It’s really the worst complaint you could ever make.

“Both teams have to bat there, and get the same number of balls, so how can the dimensions of the playing field be beneficial for one team or the other?” He further wrote.


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