‘They are very bad’: O’Sullivan blasts next generation of snooker | More sports news

‘They are very bad’: O’Sullivan blasts next generation of snooker | More sports news

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Ronnie O’Sullivan (Getty Images)

London: Ronnie O’Sullivan Slogan of poor quality SnookerChina’s next generation after beating Ding junhui To reach the quarter finals of the World Championship.
O’Sullivan, five-time world champion, will play fellow veteran Mark williamsTo get a place in the semi final of sheffield Crucible Theater.
After his 13–10 win against Ding, former world number one O’Sullivan said the current standard was so bad that he would have to lose “one arm and one leg” to knock the ranking down.
44-year-old O’Sullivan told the BBC, “If you look at young players, they are not really good.”
“Most of them would do well as half-cultured amateurs, or not even about the amateurs they are so bad at.
“A lot of them you see now, you think, Core, I probably have to lose an arm and a leg to fall out of the top 50. So, we’re hovering around it, because of how lousy it is. The ending. ”
O’Sullivan, 45-year-old Williams and Scottish veteran John Higgins All became professionals 28 years ago and dominated the game.
They have won 13 world titles and 98 ranked tournaments among them, with some challengers remaining in the top 16.
O’Sullivan has referred to lower-order rivals in disparate terms in the past as “rivals” and believes the lack of will is a reason for young players to struggle.
The 44-year-old, who last won the world title in 2013, said: “When you are younger you have a hunger and desire but at some point you have to try to motivate yourself, whether it takes away the pressure Or get some other hobby or job.
“But when I’m still playing snooker I want to enjoy it. Whether I win or lose is irrelevant in this phase of my career in a way.”


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