Think again! – Daily Times

Think again! – Daily Times

On Monday, Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi assured all possible efforts by Pakistan to investigate the July 16 incident involving the daughter of the Afghan ambassador in Islamabad, urging the Afghan government to appoint its ambassador and senior Review the decision to recall diplomats from Pakistan.

Addressing a press conference along with National Security Adviser Moeed Yousaf and the Inspector General, Qureshi said, “Since the presence of the Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan is very important for further strengthening and expanding bilateral relations, this absence It will not be in your interest. ” Police General (IGP) Islamabad at the Foreign Office.

The Foreign Minister shared some details of the investigation into the July 16 incident so far and said that the Afghan side had been asked to co-operate to reach a conclusion. He also shared details of his telephone conversation with Afghan Foreign Minister Hanif Atmar to the media, during which he briefed them on Pakistan’s steps taken after the incident and the progress made in the investigation so far.

The foreign minister said he had told his Afghan counterpart that Prime Minister Imran Khan had personally taken note of the incident and was overseeing the investigation. “We want the facts to come out to the world along with them and bring the perpetrators to justice,” he said. We will not keep anything secret. He added that the Foreign Secretary also assured the Afghan Ambassador of all possible cooperation.

He reiterated that the Afghan government should reconsider its decision to expel its ambassadors and diplomats from Pakistan, adding that it would co-operate with Pakistan if it wanted the investigation to be transparent. Will be. “Pakistan wants to arrest and punish the perpetrators of the alleged kidnapping as soon as possible,” the foreign minister said. “I told the Afghan ambassador that we are aware of the security concerns that are happening, so we have enhanced the security of all Afghan diplomats.”

National Security Adviser Dr. Moeed Yousuf said that Pakistan is currently the target of ‘hybrid warfare’ and a whole network of information warfare is being used against the country. He reminded that the EU disinfluence has exposed the Indian network of fake propaganda websites and media outlets in Pakistan. He said fake accounts and bots were being used to create “statements” against Pakistan, including the incident involving the Afghan envoy’s daughter.

For example, the NSA showed a tweet via a verified Indian Twitter account that contained a false image of the Afghan envoy’s daughter being shown in an injured condition. He said the “spoilers” were trying to sow discord between Pakistan and Afghanistan, adding that the story showed that Pakistan was being made a scapegoat in Afghanistan.

Talking to him, Islamabad Inspector General of Police (IGP) Qazi Jamilur Rehman said police had analyzed all footage of the Afghan ambassador’s daughter’s movements. “The impression was given,” he added [about her abduction] The evidence we have gathered does not confirm this. He revealed that police interviewed more than 200 people in the case after examining footage obtained through nearby circuit TV cameras. “The woman first leaves her house on foot, then she takes a taxi from Rana Market and goes to Khada Market. We then identified the taxi and searched for its driver and interrogated him.

He continued that Salsala then took another support from Khada Market which took him to Rawalpindi. “Similarly, we tracked down another taxi and its driver confirmed that he picked up the woman from the bazaar and left her with the president in Rawalpindi. We have also obtained footage of her.”

The envoy’s daughter then received another taxi from Rawalpindi to reach Daman Koh. “Once there, they hired a fourth taxi for the F-9, but made a short stopover on the F-6,” he said.

According to the IGP, the driver of the taxi told police that the woman asked him to stop the car on the F6, and called someone, but it did not pass. The police chief said he was then asked to take an F-9.

Tech finally arrived at the F9, he said, the woman called someone to the embassy and the staff picked her up.

The IGP said that Silesla had claimed that she had not gone to Rawalpindi, but CCTV footage disputed her claim. He added that the police had sought further help from the Foreign Ministry to resolve some issues in the matter.


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