TI expresses concern over Sindh’s private corona virus vaccine deal

TI expresses concern over Sindh’s private corona virus vaccine deal

The International Corruption Watchdog Transparency International on Tuesday wrote a letter to Asad Omar, head of the National Command Operations Center (NCOC), expressing concern over the Sindh government’s purchase of one million code vaccine doses from the private sector. ۔

The watchdog noted that Sindh was buying Chinese canned vaccine in violation of the federal government’s directive, which is illegal.

TI said that Sindh was buying vaccine food at exorbitant prices which would adversely affect the national kitty. He said the purchase would cost the national exchequer Rs. 3 billion.

The Sindh government is buying the vaccine at a price set by the privately-owned Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRP), which means that Sindh will pay Rs 4,225 for each of its meals, ideally. The price of casino food for Pakistan is one thousand rupees.

IT said that if Sindh buys at the price fixed by the DRP, which is charging 323 per cent more on casino food than the pricing policy, it would be a huge financial loss to the country.

Transparency International, in a letter to the NCO, added that Sindh was making the purchase through a middleman, rather than directly from the vaccine company.


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