Tiger Review – Vidya Balan joins the search for a man-eating lion world cinema

AContinue the success of his 2017 political black comedy Newton, Director Amit V Masurkar once again sheds light on modern social issues in India. Clearly a thriller, tigers deal with the ridicule of sexism and bureaucracy, all in the context of an ancient conflict between man and nature.

The title, which means “lioness” in Hindi, refers not only to the animals roaming the center of the film’s skirmishes, but also to the film’s main character, the forest officer Vidya Vincent (Vidya Balan). Tragically, a government employee, Vidya’s rape is in its amazing resilience: determined to catch the man-eating lion alive, she takes a stand against her reckless, opportunistic high-ranking officials and local politicians who harass the villagers. Uses this animal to incite violence. After all, Vidya’s compassion is a fierce, bloodthirsty hunter who only wants the life of this poor animal.

Balan takes the lead here with a subtle performance that avoids illegal girl power. Vidya refuses to exercise authority under the quiet exterior, and thus, when she hits a roadblock in her quest, a slight crack in her sentence is felt to be broken.

The details of the insight include black humorous evidence from Masurkar’s signature: for example, Vidya’s boss has a large picture of a lion in his office, but he is completely oblivious to the features of the conservation work. But unlike Newton, Musorkar is credited with co-writing the dialogue but not the full screenplay, and perhaps that is why the tiger lacks mathematical accuracy in Newton’s satire.

In fact, the film runs like a roaming lion, ranging from political commentary to the study of women in the male-dominated realm. These are important issues, but the tigers repeat the same scenes close to the confrontation without losing their purpose, thus wasting the excellent cast of experienced character actors. Still, it is an exciting journey through the trials and tribulations of environmental protection, seldom met with on-screen fiction.

The tiger was released on Amazon Prime Video on June 18.


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