TikTok: US President Donald Trump to ban TikTok today

TikTok: US President Donald Trump to ban TikTok today

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us President Donald Like Has said that he will work to ban TIC Toc As soon as on Saturday, amid reports of US technology giants being in advanced talks to acquire Microsoft’s popular Chinese-owned video app.
Trump on Friday spoke to reporters traveling with him aboard Air Force 1 from Florida, saying he could use emergency economic powers or executive orders to ban the teatalk in the United States.
“As far as Tiktok is concerned, we are banning him from the United States,” he said.
Referring to emergency economic powers, the president said: “Well, I have that right. I can do it with an executive order or that”.
Trump also clarified that he was not in favor of a deal to buy American operations of Tiktok to an American company.
Trump told reporters that he planned to take action against the popular video-sharing app on Saturday.
Earlier in the White House, Trump said: “We are looking at Tiktok. We can ban Tiktok. We are doing some other things. There are some options. But a lot of things are happening, so we will.” ” Let us see what happens. But we are seeing a lot of options regarding TikTok.
India has banned 106 Chinese apps, including Tiktok, welcomed by both the Trump administration and US lawmakers.
The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday that Microsoft, headed by Indian-American Satya Nadella, is in advanced talks to acquire Tickcock’s US operations. The deal could run into billions of dollars.
The report noted, “According to people familiar with the case, a deal may be completed by Monday, and negotiations include representatives from Microsoft, ByteDance, and the White House. Negotiations are liquid, and a deal may not take place.” The report states.
China-based BiteDance is the parent company of Tickcock.
In recent weeks, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has accused Tickcock of collecting personal information about Americans.
“India has banned 106 Chinese apps, including Tickcock, threatening the privacy and security of its citizens,” he told members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Thursday.
Media reports also stated that the Trump administration would soon order Tiktok to divest its ownership of American campaigns.
Senator Mario Rubio said, “In its current form, Tiktok represents a potential threat to personal privacy and our national security. I applaud the Trump administration, but we must do more to remove ByteDance from the equation . ”
“Going forward, we must establish a framework of standards that must be met before high-risk, foreign-based apps are allowed to operate on American telecommunications networks and devices,” Rubio said.
Meanwhile, Senators Josh Hawley and Richard Blumentel sent letters to Assistant Attorney General John C. Demers asking the Justice Department to open an investigation into Zoom and Tickcock about violations of Americans’ civil liberties and close ties with their Communist Party. China (CPC).
“Based on several reports, we are extremely concerned that Zoom and Tickcock have disclosed personal information about the Americans to the PRC (People’s Republic of China) and engaged in censorship,” the senators said.
As tens of Americans turned to Zoom and Tickcock during the COVID-19 pandemic, little is known that the privacy of their data and their freedom of expression is under threat because of these companies’ ties with the Chinese government, Wrote
“Of particular concern is that, both Zoom and Tickcock have tried to hide and devalue their meaningful ties to China, keeping themselves out of American companies.
The senators said, “This conclusion is alarming – Chinese tech firms have been badly constrained by intelligence laws, media regulations, and extraordinary pressure to force them to censor and spy on China’s state security services.” ”


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